Business resilience through proven expertise

consulting, managed and cloud-based services for business continuity

HP Continuity Services help enterprises and governments to identify and protect IT-enabled business processes through comprehensive Continuity Services that are unique in their global coverage, able to support complex environments, and have the flexibility relative to billing and contract terms. With Continuity Services clients get help to manage their business risk, protect their orders, revenue, market share, and brand image.

Reduce risk, recover effectively with a strong ROI, gain flexibility aligned to business criticality, and eliminate use of capital

Our continuity services support:

  • Minimized business interruption and downtime – we limit the number of clients on the same hardware platform (i.e. subscription limit) and we limit number of clients per geographic zones (i.e. exclusion zones)
  • A variety of delivery models – our continuity options are aligned to the business criticality of your workloads; we support traditional, cloud or hybrid IT environments and recovery/failover along a variety of recovery time/recovery point targets
  • Different billing models – our continuity options provide as-a-Service pricing with a 30% to 60% cost reduction over an equivalent in-house solution; billing model options are based on hourly, daily and monthly consumption
  • Security features, audit compliance and risk management – we support compliance of industry regulations and security best practices (such as HIPAA, PCI, SOC2, IL3 and FedRAMP)
  • Advisory services – we offer advisory services to create, validate, audit and run continuity plans

Our portfolio of advisory services includes:

  • Advisory services in business continuity
  • Transition and Transformation
  • Service Continuity Management

Our managed and cloud services include:

  • Data Center Continuity Services (HP Helion Continuity, Managed Resiliency Services, Data Center Recovery Services)
  • Data Protection Services
  • Workplace Continuity Services

Transform your recovery plans for the new style of IT

cost-effective recovery-as-a-service

You have a continuity solution in place, but you still want to greatly improve recovery times, cut data loss, and be more agile. And given continuing cost pressures, you need somehow to do all of this for less.

Cloud-based recovery for cutting recovery time and costs

HP Helion Continuity is the newest offering in our portfolio of continuity services. With this new recovery-as-a-service, you can achieve:

  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in one to four hours and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) typically 0 to 15 minutes
  • Fast provisioning—we can usually have your environment running within two days following purchase
  • Easy testing—typically two-day advance scheduling
  • Pricing comparable to traditional tape-based recovery of two years ago
  • Pricing approximately 30% to 60% less than repurposed test/development environments today

Let us tell you about how you can start better protecting your business data and applications—and cut costs now.

Protect your brand with our Continuity for the Cloud and from the Cloud

We fail-over to our cloud whether you run your business critical apps on traditional IT on your premise or on our managed cloud (HP Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud).

Learn more about our cloud based disaster recovery solution: Continuity for the Cloud and from the Cloud - Infographic
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Data Center flood recovery in 1 hour 19 minutes through Cloud DR

Data Center flood recovery in 1 hour 19 minutes through Cloud DR

Learn how the cloud continuity services can easily and inexpensively recover your IT environment

Learn how the cloud continuity services can easily and inexpensively recover your IT environment

Protecting data versus protecting businesses

Learn more about the advantages of Disaster Recovery as a cloud based service.

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