What’s threatening your company?

You need to protect your employees, your proprietary information and your network from attacks coming from the outside and the inside. You have to filter the content coming into your network to prevent accidentally exposing your network to malware and to avoid embarrassing HR issues and potential litigation. You also need to prevent employees from sending unencrypted messages containing critical information to the wrong sources.

Your customers trust you with their credit card numbers, social security numbers and personal healthcare info. It is your job to make sure this information remains safe. By adequately protecting this information you avoid or minimize financial and legal complications.

Data and Content Security Services protect your company’s vital information while meeting compliance mandates and regulatory requirements. By providing a way to securely encrypt information and track who has access to data, we can prevent it from slipping into the wrong hands.

Protect your data

The reputation of your enterprise is of upmost concern. You need to make sure you maintain regulatory compliance and protect valuable information about your clients and customers. We help you do this by using our experience to build you the security package you need.

These services are available both as managed services and as consulting.

Encryption and Key Management Services

This service involves the design, deployment and management of encryption tools and processes. Create, store and retrieve encryption keys. Services are available for laptop and desktop PCs, mobile devices, tape, server-attached storage and storage area networks.

Data Loss Prevention Services

Set up customized policies to identify and restrict the movement of private and critical data. This involves tracking the movement of vital information including social security numbers payment card numbers, personal healthcare info, and private intellectual property.

Policies and restrictions can apply to data that is in motion (email, IM, FTP), in use (CD, DVD, USB drive) or at rest (databases, files, web sites, SharePoint, etc.). Services include policy customization, information risk assessment, deployment, training, management and remediation. This service identifies where restricted information is located and can limit data movement through supervisor notification, encryption requirements, or outright restrictions.

Web Content Filtering

Control access to unwanted content, such as dangerous or inappropriate web sites. Service regulates and oversees all web activities to address compliance with government regulations, human resource policies and corporate Internet usage policies. Lets you set up policies to prohibit sites that might incur a sexual harassment or other lawsuit as well as to avoid dangerous malware attacks.

Email Protection Services and Secure Email

Protect messaging environments from unauthorized use or access through mail relay, email virus protection, anti-spam filters and email attachment management. Services provide certificate-based encryption and digital signatures based on business rules.

We allow your company to automatically send encrypted information to specified partners – the company law firm, financial institution, or others - without difficulty. Provides non-repudiation services to prove precisely who sent a message.

End-to-End Data Protection Services

Receive total data protection services including the architecture and design of protection. Get integrated consulting and implementation services to develop and carry out a comprehensive data security solution. Services include program management, integrated rollout and solution certification using a solution operational lifecycle.