Building strong customer relationships

HP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Managed Services provides the complete computing infrastructure your contact center needs to improve customer satisfaction and increase efficiency. You provide the contact center and agents; we provide the hardware, software and support needed to make them effective and efficient.

We have the services you need—automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, workforce management, quality monitoring, knowledge management and all the rest. CRM Managed Services enable you to:

  • Reduce operational costs and avoid capital expenditures.
  • Improve customer satisfaction, retention and share of wallet.
  • Address customer needs and preferences.
  • Gain flexibility and scalability.
  • Improve agent morale and retention by using leading tools.
  • Enhance brand recognition and equity.
  • Mitigate operational risks and better manage compliance with policies and regulations.

Buy the service—not the infrastructure

With CRM Managed Services, we maintain fully redundant data centers, servers, interactive voice-response (IVR) systems, applications, management systems and networks. You use it—anywhere your agents can access a web browser—and pay for what you use. We custom-fit the solution to your business needs, so you can pick the services you need. Embodied in each service are the processes, best practices and support you need to create a positive, consistent customer experience. We provide: Interaction Channel Services, Agent Services, Management and Administrator Services, and an Infrastructure Command Center.


Interaction channel services

CRM Managed Services provides the complete set of customer contact channels your customers expect and your business demands. Options include:

  • Multichannel ACD: Provide intelligent, skills-based routing of customer interactions.
  • Inbound IVR with Speech Recognition (and optional outbound IVR with predictive dialer and proactive automated messaging): Route calls efficiently.
  • Integrated IVR-based customer satisfaction surveys: Enhance customer self- service and quality feedback.
  • CTI: United contacts with customer information to improve productivity.
  • Voice analytics: Mine customer interactions for key words and phrases to improve quality and provide analytical insights for client marketers.
  • Voice Mail support for non-24x7centers: Ensure customer messages are efficiently managed for prompt response.

Agent services

They say you can hear a smile. So providing your sales, marketing and customer service agents the best tools possible beams right through to your customers. Here's what we provide:

  • Workforce Management: Enable agents to manage their own schedules. Automated shift bidding, shift swapping, and time off management can empower your staff while enabling supervisors to focus on coaching and performance.
  • Quality Monitoring: Provide agents performance monitoring, feedback and training to improve customer satisfaction and agent retention.
  • Agent desktop CRM: Manage interaction history and enhance relationships with customers, partners and suppliers throughout the customer life cycle.
  • Knowledge Management: Drive agent response consistency and shorten interaction handle times.
  • eLearning: Support classroom and self-paced agent new-hire and refresher web-based training to improve morale and retention while increasing quality.

Management and administrator services

These are the tools contact center managers need to plan and execute operations and measure performance and results.

  • Workforce Management: Use volume forecasting and agent scheduling to manage the largest cost component of a contact center—labor.
  • Quality Monitoring and Call Logging: Use voice and screen capture to meet customer satisfaction SLAs and ensure policy and regulatory compliance.
  • eLearning: Enable course content development, course management and registration, and real-time process and system support to improve quality in the operation.
  • Contact Center Performance Management: Improve operations through consolidated dashboards, real-time reports, notifications, alerts, ad hoc analyses and metrics.

Infrastructure Command Center

This global virtual organization proactively monitors the health of the hosted infrastructure environment to ensure optimal performance and productivity.

  • 24 x 7 Service Monitoring: Provides 24X7 monitoring of the contact center infrastructure
  • Multi-Vendor Management: Management of the various multi-vendor infrastructure components of your dedicated solution
  • Major outage handling: Provides major outage handling for unforeseen downtown
  • Capacity utilization: Provides dynamic capacity support to handle increases as needed to your infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Upgrades: Provides infrastructure upgrades as vendors come out with new capabilities and/or products
  • Security: Provides secure support of your infrastructure