Flexible HR services

Most companies believe employees are their top resource, a talent reservoir, and the image of their company. You need an effective and cost-efficient human resources department, to take care of them appropriately.

Still, HR is an overhead that could be keeping your HR leaders from devoting time to strategic and planning activities. HR can also be difficult to manage, especially if your company is large and spread across many countries and divisions. The waters get even muddier with acquisitions that have different practices and technologies in place.

One option is to outsource HR services. Ideally, the organization you pick should be flexible and strong enough to handle your demands, yet able to understand the unique requirements of your company. You might want a strategic partner to step in and manage everything related to the employee experience, such as new hires, education, performance monitoring, benefits, pensions and more. Or, you may want them to run just certain components of your processes.

Your business, your agenda

Whether you want a partner to take charge of your entire HR organization, or begin with a subset of processes, you can achieve these goals with HP Human Resource Services. Our hallmark is flexibility. You pick exactly what you need from a full portfolio of our HR services:

  • Workforce administration—Employee data management, expatriate and outplacement services, unemployment administration, and labor relations
  • Leave administration—Absence intake and notification, leave case management, and eligibility determination
  • Talent management—Performance management, succession planning, relocation, development, recruiting and staffing
  • Total rewards—Global compensation planning, evaluations, non-monetary awards, and incentive and stock option administration

HP Human Resource Services are delivered by dedicated professionals — people with years of experience in the HR field. They discuss your goals, offer suggestions based on best practices, and co-design solutions to fit your strategy and budget.


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