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Simplify the planning, management, and governance of enterprise information with HP Information Advisory Services. Whether you need to address short-term information challenges or you are ready to plan for an enterprise information transformation, HP can help. We work with your enterprise to understand business challenges and information obstacles, and identify how best to use data for your business. Our experienced HP consultants and proven methodology help you align business and IT to prioritize and plan for information management and analytics initiatives. You will walk away with the organizational models and governance needed for managing information as a strategic business asset, to deliver what matters most – value.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand how to use new and traditional information to deliver value and identify opportunities
  • Gain consensus between business and IT about an information management vision and strategy
  • Incorporate organizational structures and governance to manage information as a strategic business asset
  • Prioritize information management and analytics initiatives
  • Reduce implementation risk with detailed planning activities and consistent global methods

HP Information Optimization Transformation Experience Workshop

Unite business executives and IT leaders in this dynamic workshop to discover how you can leverage the changing information landscape to generate value for your business. Through interactive discussions about information challenges, opportunities, business use cases, and business objectives, you’ll generate a roadmap of priorities and plans that put your organization on the road to information optimization.

Information Optimization Transformation Experience Workshop

At a Glance – Information Optimization Transformation Experience Workshop
PDF 350 KB


Big Data Discovery Experience Services

The HP Big Data Discovery Experience enables you to explore your data beyond the limitations of legacy technology and practices. It provides an opportunity to return to information-driven business processes. This experience offers a solution to tackle Big Data-related business challenges head on—now and in the future.

During the experience, our teams work with you to establish a path toward progress. You will have a forum for evaluation, and the validation you need to continue forward confidently. The Big Data Discovery Experience provides you with an information ecosystem to explore different technologies with use cases. This approach takes the high-level concepts of Big Data to the reality of harnessing information to create value. This service provides expert resources and advanced technologies. The services does not require any capital investment so you can quickly get started on the path to business insights.

Big Data Discovery Experience

HP Business Intelligence Master Plan

The HP Business Intelligence Master Plan helps you align business and IT leaders to develop a commonly understood business intelligence vision and strategy that strongly reflects business goals. It drives prioritization and detailed planning of information management initiatives that realize business value.

At a Glance - Business Intelligence Master Plan
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Listen as Brian Ng, HP A&DM Strategy Leader, discusses the key components to consider when developing your information management strategy in this 3-part video series:

A joint approach to information management
1:18 minutes

A flexible approach to information management
1:08 minutes

HP Master Plan – an aligned approach to information management
1:08 minutes



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