Support to enable success

Expert service delivered how, when, and where you want it.

A variety of options to help you evolve

Your IT needs to move faster. Your services partner should contribute to that agility with a range of support services that not only address problems, but also prevent issues, help simplify IT operations, and position IT to enable business value. From flexible capacity consumption with comprehensive support across your environment to responsive hardware and software support and proactive services or even per-incident assistance, we’re here for you.

Address the needs of today. Stay flexible for tomorrow.

HP Support Services offer you choices. Whether it’s the standardized support of Foundation Care, the more hands-on approach of Proactive Care, or the completely personalized and comprehensive services of Datacenter Care, it’s easy to find the right support for your business.

Flexible Capacity

In today’s ever-changing environment, it’s critical that your business stay flexible. HP Flexible Capacity is designed so that you can instantly turn resources on and off, and get the capacity you need, without tying up your capital.

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