Future of Working Now

BYOD is a complex balancing act

BYOD is a complex balancing act

Helion Mobility, a complex solution, simply delivered

Bringing Big Data to employee fingertips

Find the right content before you even decided you needed to go and look.

Mobility is the new interaction model

Mobility is more than just a mobile device. Mobility is the new interaction model to engage our customers, employees and partners.

Creating great mobile user experiences requires a partner that understands mobile technology and can create secure, seamless, context-aware experiences in a mobile connected world.

Are you ready for the happy digital-hunter-gatherer?

Only 12,000 years ago we chased lunch across the savannah. Our work and private lives were truly integrated. The industrial era led people to compartmentalize their lives: work was carried out in the workplace and domestic activities took place in the home. Those distinctions are beginning to blur with the rise of ubiquitous connectivity, email, mobile devices and social media. In this digital age, mobile collaboration and cloud technologies make it possible for us to work from anywhere and from any device. Today work is where the worker is and we all become digital hunter-gatherers! This modern digital hunter-gatherer is seeking to communicate and collaborate at point of thought, organizes his own productivity and so feels more empowered and engaged.

Empowered employees move workforce from cost to value

In tough economic times organisations are trying to achieve more with less, move faster at the same time as improving quality and customer service without increasing costs. But as they do this they realize that what makes the difference is not just strong brands, state-of-the-art technology, new products or new markets. Employees are key stakeholders in a company’s success. Many studies show that an engaged and happy worker can help a company grow. There are many different factors that make for engaged employees but technology is certainly one of these.

The Workplace of the Future will be user-centric and technologies like mobile, cloud, social and analytics are empowering employees and are creating happy digital-hunter-gatherers.

HP Workshops

HP offers several workshops. They can be the start of your journey to the Workplace of the Future.