HP Software Customer Forum EMEA

Brussels, April 18 - 19, 2013

From Agile Development to the Agile Enterprise

As the market leader in automated software quality, HP Software helped literally thousands of customers manage their applications into the world of web-based delivery. Along that journey, we built a strong and vocal user community and a great tradition of collaboration and best practice sharing. From our ongoing dialogue with that community, you are telling us we are at another inflexion point. Irrespective of industry, the pressure has never been greater to accelerate the delivery of new applications and services, yet many business stakeholders continue to express frustration with the poor predictability (speed, cost and quality) of application delivery. From a technology perspective, we also see the heightened expectations around new technologies such as Mobile, Cloud and SaaS, exceeding IT’s ability to deliver. In an effort to bridge this gap, an increasing number of our customers are embracing the Agile development methodology. Unfortunately, many of them are finding it difficult to drive the necessary traction for Agile outside of development -- and the anticipated business value is being only partially realized.

Application Lifecycle Management

  • Attend the various debates at round-table discussions
  • See how HP has successful applications customers delivering solutions to their respective businesses spanning the entire Application Lifecycle
  • Listen to best-practices – many presentations from HP customers
  • Network with your peers from leading European, Middle-East and African companies
  • Discuss with HP product managers and executive management about developments, strategies, roadmaps
  • And walk-away with new ideas on how to deliver even more value to your company’s Quality of Service
Follow us on Twitter at #hpalmfourm and join the group on Linkedin at HP Software ALM Customer Forum The event participation is for free for HP Customers and HP Channel Partners. Looking forward to seeing you in Brussels!


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