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As a HP Partner you can participate in our HP Software Customer Reference program by working with us in creating new references and then you can benefit from the Program by gaining access to available created reference assets. You can propose your customer to become a reference for HP Software, sharing their successful experience and benefits for their business; you can also be a reference when sharing your own successful experience using our HP Software solution, be one of our ambassador.

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What it is to be a Reference for HP Software?

Do you want to boost visibility for your team within your own organization? Gain wider industry exposure as a strategic thought leader in your field of expertise? Attend or participate in HP events as a special guest as well as expanding your professional network? If these sound appealing, then this program is for you. The program allows you the freedom to choose which reference activities you wish to participate in. Activities range from reference calls and site visits through to case studies, infographics and video testimonials; but also speaking at events, meeting with analysts, sharing on social media forums or even talking to the press. This provides you with an effective platform to showcase your successes. Whether you’re ready to go public with your HP experience or not, your story can still be shared in other ways.


Get involved

If you’d like to be involved, then the HP Software Partner Reference Program team are waiting to hear from you, contact the team.