HP Software Performance Tour 2013

02 July 2013, London


Private & Hybrid Cloud – Automated Self Service

Ben Coleman

During this session we will demonstrate HP Cloud Service Automation, and how this enables organisations to standardise, automate and accelerate their IT delivery. HP Cloud Service Automation is the industry’s most comprehensive, unified cloud management platform for brokering and managing enterprise-grade application and infrastructure cloud services. In this demo you will see how HP Cloud Service Automation increases agility, reduces cost, and improves time to market of your services with a self-service portal and management platform for cloud environments.

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Agile Management, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Ray Tomany

As release timeframes continue to shorten, the demands made on IT have never been higher. The IT organisation as a whole needs to operate as an optimised production line for the business. Service quality has to be balanced with velocity of delivery. Given this background, any bottlenecks on such a production line have to be isolated, and improved. This session examines three such work areas - Management of Agile development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery – and shows how HP Software solutions can help.

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Removing the technology inhibitors to mobility and performance

Jonathan Sprake

In the fast-paced world of modern, composite, and mobile application delivery, technology can often be a roadblock to quality. In this session we will look at a number of HP solutions that address some of these technology inhibitors; including Performance Center, Service Virtualization, Network Virtualization, and UFT Mobile.

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Process Powered Automation

Gun Kasapoglu

Combine HP Server Automation with HP Operations Orchestration to achieve reduced operational costs through co-ordination of tasks across IT silos, whilst improving quality of service through task automation and auditable standards enforcement.

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Open View is Dead

Ian Stacey

Come and see the next generation of HP Network Management Software for Fault, Performance, Configuration and Compliance Management

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HP Service Anywhere new simple, scalable, SaaS solution for service management

Neville Ward

During this demonstration we will provide an overview of HP’s Service Anywhere solution, featuring the Social IT Service Desk underpinned by simplified processes and HP best practices, In-context Social Collaboration providing integrated collaboration that enables  a quicker response to incidents. We will also demonstrate how you can achieve faster time to value by using our HP Service Anywhere Codeless Configuration, a graphical, non-programmatic way to design and manage your processes whilst ensuring seamless and simple upgrades.

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Monitoring modern applications with HP’s Application Performance Management

Tom Harvey

During this demonstration we will provide an overview of HP’s Application Performance Management solution and demonstrate how you can use it to monitor the end to end performance of your key business services. We will demonstrate how HP APM can provide full visibility into the performance of applications delivered via mobile devices as well as those hosted in cloud and hybrid environments. We will follow the path of an IT incident through its identification, prioritization, investigation and remediation to show how HP APM can significantly reduce mean time to resolution and improve the efficiency of IT operations.

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Combatting advanced persistent threats with HP Security Software

Colin Gray

This demo will show how an effective spear phishing attack can lead to malware being silently deployed on a user’s PC, then show how that malware can be leveraged to access sensitive information and exfiltrate.

With HP Enterprise Security Software, we will demonstrate how we can identify and prevent this activity with TippingPoint and show how we gain visibility into the attack and automatically alert with ArcSight.

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BigData Analytics for IT Management

Mike Radcliffe

See how you can obtain the key intelligence needed to resolve issues faster, lower IT costs and improve service levels. This is delivered by providing a comprehensive view into availability and performance metrics, machine data, events and logs; turning volumes of raw data into actionable insight by unifying search, reporting, alerting, and analysis across all types of IT data.

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