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The ability to innovate is becoming critical as companies face relentless market pressures to gain and retain their leading edge in the industry. To stay competitive more than 39% of CFOs are investing in major innovation initiatives that support and spur business growth1. However, the lynchpin to success is largely dependent on knowing where and how to invest.

Success is defined by three critical areas; your ability to simultaneously enhance core offerings, pursue adjacent opportunities and leverage transformational technologies that will drive differentiation. Core to this success is your ability to flexibly scale technology requirements to ensure all three areas of your innovation strategy can be met regardless of budgets. With a trusted advisor like HP Financial Services, you can feel confident that current or future investments in innovation become the reliable drivers of growth your CFO is seeking.

Providing a total end-to-end financial solution that aligns to your technology roadmap, HP Financial Services can deliver the flexibility needed to drive your innovation strategy at any level. This was critical for companies like Hibernia Evros Technology Group2, a leading IT solutions and services provider in Ireland, that needed to invest in cloud technology to remain competitive and solidify their market leadership position.

“From a financial perspective, building and deploying an infrastructure on a customer’s site is completely different to constructing your own cloud infrastructure,” declares Brian Larkin, operations director, HiberniaEvros Technology Group and Digital Planet. “With the former, we receive full payment after 30 days. However, to create our own cloud infrastructure without a finance package, we’d incur considerable expenditure without receiving much income for two to three years. It takes time to grow a cloud services customer base.”

For other companies like Freedom Graphics Systems3, a US independent direct mail company, their ability to innovate is critical to ensuring they can meet their customers’ needs. “This company was founded on the core principles of quality, innovation and efficiency,” says Marty Liebert, CEO, Freedom Graphics. This means being able to retain budget for innovation among other competing demands such as security, risk management or employee retention from within the organization.”

Streamlined acquisition, the ability to continuously upgrade and improve technology and a flexible financial plan are helping HiberniaEvros and Freedom Graphic Systems achieve their goals. They were able to invest in innovation at different levels, grow their customer base, stay competitive and eliminate any cost constraints that may have hindered their growth. Leveraging the expertise, experience and array of financial solutions from HP Financial Services, you too can have the IT accessibility needed to support your innovation strategies today and in the future.

Rather than relying on owned IT until it is obsolete, HP Financial Services can provide a financial solution that’s right for you, giving you the ability to flexibly fine-tune your innovation strategy to better meet your customer needs. You can initiate an upgrade when needed or extend terms to benefit your business in the longer run. Innovate on your terms with the flexibility and responsiveness your business and your customer deserves.

Contact HP Financial Services to access your path to new IT today.


1CFO.com: Duke/CFO Business Outlook Survey, June 2012
2HiberniaEvros Deploys Solution to Deliver New On-Demand Cloud Service
3HPFS lease aligns Freedom’s finance and business strategies

Financing available through Hewlett-Packard Financial Services Company or one of its affiliates and is subject to credit approval and execution of standard HP Financial Services documentation. Other restrictions may apply. HP Financial Services reserves the right to change or cancel the information contained herein at any time without notice.

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