Many companies find it beneficial to use their IT technology, but not to own it. But what about equipment you already own? You can convert that equipment into a lease with a sale-leaseback.

When you choose to do a sale-leaseback, we purchase your existing owned IT assets and then lease them to you for an agreed upon term. With a sale-leaseback, you enjoy a cash infusion from the sale, plus maintain the ability to use your equipment—but none of the risks of owning it.


  • Immediate cash infusion: With a sale-leaseback, you enjoy an immediate cash infusion from the sale of your equipment to us.
  • Accelerate your migration plan: Because your equipment is leased for an agreed upon term, you can accelerate your migration plan to newer technology in the near future.
  • Freedom from technology obsolescence: Simply return the equipment to us at the end of the term
  • Access to your equipment: While the ownership of the equipment is transferred to us, you still use it as you did before, so there is no downtime or interruption to your business.
  • Different accounting treatment: Because you no longer own the equipment, you may be able to take advantage of different accounting treatment. This may improve return-on-assets and other financial metrics.
  • Not responsible for disposal: When you lease your equipment, you're no longer responsible for disposing of it when you don't need it anymore. When we manage retirement of customers' IT equipment, we do it in a way that safeguards your proprietary information, complies with environmental laws and regulations, and even provides a financial return on remarketable equipment.

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