HP Renew Program - Europe, Middle East and Africa

What is the HP Renew Program?

The HP Renew Program offers an extensive portfolio of quality remanufactured products as a complement to new HP products. Through an extensive process of remanufacturing and recertification, HP Renew offers current, state of the art technology, in addition to older generation equipment. In fact, more than 80% of the HP Renew product portfolio is less than 12 months old.

What products are included in the HP Renew Program portfolio?


  • HP ProLiant Servers (ML/DL)
  • HP Integrity Systems (rx)
  • HP9000/PA-RISC Servers


  • HP BladeSystem Integrity Server Blades
  • HP BladeSystem ProLiant Server Blades
  • HP BladeSystem Enclosures
  • Blades Storage and Interconnects


  • HP Storage P6000 & Enterprise Virtual Arrays (EVA)
  • HP LeftHand P4000 SAN Solutions (LHN)
  • HP Storage Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • HP Storage P9000 & XP High Availability Disk Arrays
  • HP Storage MSL Tape Libraries
  • HP Storage Virtual Library System (VLS)
  • HP Storage 2000 / Modular Smart Arrays (MSA)
  • HP Storage Storage Blades
  • HP Storage Networking
  • HP Storage Switches

HP Networking

  • HP Networking Advanced (A) Series
  • HP Networking Essential (E) Series
  • HP Networking Value (V) Series

Notebooks & Desktop PCs

  • Commercial Notebooks and Desktops
  • Consumer Notebooks and Desktops
  • Handhelds
  • Workstations
  • Thin Clients
  • Displays
  • Accessories

Many Printing & Multifunction devices are available through the HP Renew B2B shop which can be accessed by authorised HP Resellers. Your local contacts for Printing and Multifunction devices can be found here.

What is "remanufactured"?

Remanufactured products are units that have been returned to HP for a variety of reasons and then put through a rigorous remanufacturing and testing process to bring them back to "same as new" in terms of condition and performance.

HP Renew products are not to be confused with "used" or "second-hand" products. Instead, HP Renew offers high quality products that are completely remanufactured by HP. All HP Renew products are Factory-Certified to be as good as new with performance equal to new. We even return it to its same-as-new warranty status. The benefit: Factory-Certified HP technology at a lower cost but with the same performance when compared to new products, and delivered with the original HP warranty.

Where do HP Renew remanufactured products come from?

HP Renew remanufactured products can originate from a variety of sources, including:

  • Customer returns and cancelled orders — Fully-functional products that have left the HP warehouse and therefore can no longer be sold as new
  • Demonstration and trial equipment — Products which have been provided to customers for demonstration purposes
  • Factory or reseller overstocks — Items that are returned by HP Partners to make room for newer product lines
  • Factory loaner equipment — Units that have been used for trade shows, customer events or solution centres and have been returned to HP
  • Trade-in programs — Units customers have returned in order to upgrade to new HP technology

More than 80 percent of HP Renew Program offerings are less than 12 months old, and often the latest technology becomes available through HP Renew shortly after its introduction. Aside from the lower cost, the only difference is that these products have, for one reason or another, left HP warehouses and can no longer be sold as new.

How is a product remanufactured?

Remanufactured HP products undergo comprehensive HP remanufacturing and testing processes to completely restore them to meet HP's very stringent quality standards. With HP Renew products, customers can rest assured knowing they are getting the same high-quality and performance that is expected from new HP products.

It is only after completing the rigorous remanufacturing process that HP Renew products qualify for original HP warranty – guaranteeing HP quality and reliability!

What is the difference between HP Renew's remanufactured products and refurbished products from other suppliers?

The distinction is not always obvious. HP Renew's products have been remanufactured to the same standard as new HP products. They carry the same full HP warranty and service options as new HP products.

On the other hand, refurbished or used equipment not purchased from HP or HP resellers might not have been fully tested or certified to meet like-new standards. As a result, these products might not be backed by the full manufacturer's warranty.

What type of warranty comes with HP Renew products?

HP Renew products are backed by the original HP warranty. In other words, there is no difference between the warranty offered for a new HP product and the equivalent HP Renew product. The warranty of the HP Renew product starts with the date of purchase and refreshes the original warranty. It is important to note that this is not a remaining warranty policy.

All HP Renew products can have their warranties upgraded to accommodate Critical System Support, extended to 3Yr 24x7 or HP Care Packs. This means any support uplift that is available for new HP products is also available for HP Renew products.

The warranty period on some products may vary. The majority or HP Renew products are covered by the full same-as-new HP warranty.

How do you guarantee data security on HP Renew remanufactured products?

Since products in the HP Renew portfolio are returned to HP from various sources, there are often concerns about data being removed before the products are resold. As part of the rigorous remanufacturing process that all HP Renew products go through, all returned drives are reformatted and retested. During this process every drive is wiped clean of any data and every disk is separately overwritten. The process is based on methods described in the National Industrial Security Program Operation Manual (US DoD 5220.22-M) of the U.S. Department of Defense, so you can be assured the most stringent standards are implemented.

What is the typical testing period for products during the remanufacturing process?

Depending of the complexity of the product, the testing duration may vary from hours to days. Each unit follows the original factory testing conditions combined with the HP Renew remanufacturing processes to ensure it meets HP certified quality standards.

When is it appropriate to consider a remanufactured solution?

Consider HP Renew if you or your customer can answer "yes" to any of the following questions:

  • Do you face budget constraints, but you still want top-quality HP products?
  • Do you need to expand to the latest technology, but at your own pace?
  • Do you want to cost-effectively maintain your current infrastructure?
  • Do you want access to up to five generations of HP technology?
  • Do you want to purchase remanufactured solutions direct from a trusted manufacturer, rather than sourcing less attractive alternatives from brokers?
What should I look for when I buy remanufactured products?

There are a number of things to keep in mind when you buy a remanufactured enterprise product. Here are a few tips:

  • Buy directly from the manufacturer — Make sure your product has been remanufactured by the original manufacturer. Brokers looking to recoup losses may refurbish a product cheaply and resell it without an adequate warranty or return policy. Buying directly from HP or an authorised HP dealer ensures that your product has been remanufactured and tested to meet stringent HP standards.
  • Check the warranty — Does your supplier guarantee the quality of its remanufactured products? HP Renew products are covered by the full original HP warranty, which is equivalent to that offered with new products.
  • Check the software, service and support options — Can the equipment be added to your service contract? Is the software legally licensed? Will the products come with the latest working firmware and most current software revisions? Service and support options for HP Renew remanufactured enterprise products are equivalent to those offered with new HP products and the most current software revisions and working firmware upgrades are installed.
Who are eligible to buy HP Renew products?

HP in EMEA divides the Renew product portfolio into Volume and Value products. HP Renew Value Products can be purchased through the existing HP new sales and distribution channels, while HP Renew Volume products can be purchased by authorised HP Preferred Partners via a B2B platform.

How do I know what products are currently available through the HP Renew Program?

For an up-to-date listing of HP Renew product availability visit "check availability" or contact your local HP Renew Sales consultant.

Can HP Renew products be shipped internationally?

HP Renew products can be shipped internationally and we have qualified sales teams worldwide. Please contact your local HP Renew Sales team.

What about promotions and other special offers on HP Renew products?

HP Renew products have a list price that is lower than the equivalent new price. However, many of the products on the "Special Deals" page are on offer at even lower prices. Please contact your HP Renew Sales consultant if you are interested in any of the featured products. HP authorised resellers should also visit the HP Smart Portal to check for special offers.

Who do I contact at HP Renew if I need assistance?

Use the following links to view the relevant contact details in your area:

Asia Pacific and Japan


North America


Europe, Middle East and Africa


Top 5 reasons to buy HP Renew

Great value for money

Get high quality solutions and save at least 15% with remanufactured HP products, offering the same reliability, functionality and warranty as new HP products. HP Renew delivers high performance, low cost solutions where price really counts.