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Depending on its type and age, you may already have SureSupply installed on your printer. Please refer to the list below to see whether your printer is SureSupply enabled.

Older printers without SureSupply can still benefit from early online ordering. Simply click on the link below to learn more about HP’s desktop application SureSupply Software Utility.

Inkjet Printers LaserJet Printers
Before 2004 More about SureSupply Software Utility More about SureSupply Software Utility
Between 2004 and
Enabled Enabled
After 2005 Enabled Enabled

Don’t know your age or model of your printer ?

Don’t worry, you can still shop for printer supplies right now. Simply visit SureSupply Software Utility to access the SureSupply online store.

More about SureSupply Software Utility

Download SureSupply Software Utility now (ZIP, 1.5MB)