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Multiseat Computing

HP MultiSeat computing provides the ability to connect as many as 10 users from a single, dedicated PC. Ideal for close-proximity computing environments such as schools, training areas, nurse's stations, temporary job sites or small branch offices, HP MultiSeat delivers a familiar Microsoft Windows 7 experience and is the only PC-sharing solution available today that is fully licensed and supported by Microsoft®.

Based on Microsoft's Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 operating system, the HP MultiSeat solution includes:

  • A single HP Compaq MultiSeat ms6200 Series Desktop PC, and up to 10 HP t200 Series Zero Clients for MultiSeat, and monitors of your choice.
  • Just one power cord and one Internet cable connects up to 10 users to their own individual, familiar Windows experience – at a fraction of the cost and energy use per seat as compared to traditional PCs.
  • A simple wizard-based interface that guides users to easily connect the zero clients to the ms6200 series host PC via USB cable, as well as how to connect monitors, keyboards and mice, to get you quickly up and running.
The result is an environment that is easier to set up, easier to power, easier to secure, easier to manage - and best of all, easier on your budget.