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Thin Client solutions for healthcare

HP Thin Client Solutions for healthcare offers organizations a reliable, more secure way to manage patient records and other critical medical information. Thin client implementations can provide secure, centralized access to healthcare data, helping reduce medical and billing errors. Centralized access can also improve clinical workflow, helping medical staff get quick, reliable access to accurate information for an improved patient experience.

Thin Client solutions for healthcare: Empower IT

  • Increased uptime, easier deployments and less time spent troubleshooting give IT staff a more manageable, more reliable environment.
  • Greater centralization and automation can significantly reduce testing and deployment time.
  • Centralization also greatly simplifies disaster recovery planning.

Reduce risk by protecting sensitive patient data

  • Keep medical information in a centralized data center providing a greater level of security.
  • Prevention of unauthorized access and decreased risk from loss or theft helps healthcare organizations more easily meet regulatory requirements.
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HP Thin Client solutions for healthcare have provided
cost-effective solutions to companies throughout
the health care industry.