Helping people to live for longer and with better quality of life, and to gain access to the support, care and treatment they need, with the compassion, respect and dignity they deserve are the key objectives of health and social care bodies.

In the UK, the healthcare sector is evolving quickly following the introduction of the 2013 health and social care act. The challenge now for the NHS and its partner organisations is to achieve high quality and sustainable care for the patient and the communities they serve whilst ensuring that services are effective and deliver value for money.

HP’s Healthcare experience

For more than 40 years, HP has been helping organisations across the whole healthcare sector worldwide improve business and health outcomes through digital healthcare. Our technology and service solutions, from cloud computing and hybrid delivery to mobility, security, and real-time analytics, advance the way healthcare organisations capture, manage, use and integrate information to enhance the patient experience.

Digital health solution

As the largest provider of business process management services in the healthcare market, our healthcare team is able to offer managed end-to-end healthcare solutions, including secure, role-based bedside access to patients’ information though our digital health solution. The drive to open up the sector and give patients more choice can be effectively supported by HP though our healthcare solutions and our experience in providing technology support to healthcare providers worldwide.

HP Digital Healthcare Portfolio

Digital Health - Foundation
HP provides world-class and agile Digital Health IT Foundation services and solutions, which:

  • Provides the mature, stable digital platform that is the prerequisite for ICT to increase operational efficiency.
  • Provides a future-proof, agile platform and supporting services Helps transform the management of the “business” of healthcare.

Digital Health - Electronic Patient Records System & Integration
HP is helping improve clinical outcomes through enabling  co-ordination, standardization and streamlining of  clinical processes, including:

  • A single view of patient information across the whole organisation.
  • The right information, available at the right time at the point of care, wherever that is.
  • Clinical decision support to help standardise decision making and improve care outcomes.

HP partners with leading EPR vendors, including EPIC, Cerner, InterSystems, AllScripts, Meditech and many more.

HP has been actively supporting the US VA VistA program for the past 14 years and has recently won another contract extension, visit

In addition, HP also owns an advanced Healthcare Information System (HP HCIS), developed in Spain, which is running in over 120 hospitals.  For more information see the HCIS webpage. 

Digital Health Patient & Staff Experience
HP is working with hospitals to optimise the patient journey, by enabling:

  • Real-time information sharing to enhance healthcare team collaboration and support new ways of working.
  • Improved patient and staff experience and working practices through mobile technology, workflow and interactive media.

HP has worked with Lucile Packard Hospital to implement a Patient Safety Dashboard, see details at

Why not take a visit to the HP’s European Healthcare Centre of Excellence (HCOE), at the AHUS Hospital in Oslo, to visit a digital hospital and explore how to transform your patient journey

Integrated Care
HP HCIS system supports the integration of Primary, Secondary, Tertiary  and Social Care, across physical and mental health,  to improve access, quality, user satisfaction and efficiency.  For more information see the HCIS webpage.

HP is actively working with UK Acute trusts, Primary Care, Mental Health and Social/Community Services to deliver seamless information sharing across organisational boundaries.  More information is due soon.

Health Analytics
HP analytics tools and services enable fact-based decision making for healthcare planning, management, measurement  and learning ; extracting meaningful information from the exploding pool of healthcare data,  whether structured or unstructured.

See the link below on HP’s new strategic analytics platform:

See the link below on HP and Cerner strategic partnership


Peter Thackery
UK Market Lead for Healthcare


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