Rationalise and modernise your application estate

Citizen expectations around what software applications can do are increasing exponentially. They want on-demand, self-service applications that connect them to their data and reduce their need to re-enter information multiple times.
Incremental changes introduced over many years often result in legacy application estates that are disconnected, difficult and costly to manage and not always suited to the digital agenda.

HP Applications Services can help you rationalise, integrate and modernise your application portfolio to support Open Standards, embrace agile development, and exploit cloud hosting platforms.

We bring together your policy goals, governance and security concerns and financial considerations to plan and execute an applications transformation that reduces costs, and builds innovation and optimisation into the application management lifecycle.

The possibilities for the UK public sector

Simplify management

  • Gain broad portfolio and application-level visibility of performance and progression of the application lifecycle.
  • Eliminate legacy programming languages and embrace Open Source technologies and Open Standards to simplify support and integration.
Reduce costs

  • Move appropriate applications to the cloud and embrace a shared-services model to reduce licensing and management costs.
  • Automate testing and prioritise support on a per-application basis, then scale and budget in line with organisational requirements.
Meet citizen expectations

  • Deliver digital services via the web and mobile platforms.
  • Streamline application interdependency and integration to allow employees to perform core business processes faster and more accurately.

HP Applications Services

Our aim is to help you build flexibility and scalability into your applications and support hybrid infrastructures to help you avoid costly and disruptive changes in years to come.  HP can also help improve the use of unstructured and structured data in business applications. 

We have a broad Applications Services portfolio that includes:

apptransserv | 76x83 
Application Transformation Services for the UK public sector: Workshops, consultation, assessment of the technological, financial, governance and security aspects of your existing environment and the delivery of an actionable roadmap for the modernisation of your application estate.
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Application Cloud and Mobility Services for the UK public sector: Our Applications Transformation to Cloud (AT2C) Services assess the suitability of your applications to run in the cloud and identifies the best modernisation strategy for each. Our Converged Cloud tools allow us to rapidly deploy multiple software-as-a-service applications; and we have partnered with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics to create public-sector specific cloud deployments of their enterprise systems.
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Application Development Services for the UK public sector: We can customise or build new applications. This covers solution architecture, rapid, automated and iterative application development using agile techniques, including for the cloud and for mobile, and Functional, Performance and Security Testing-as-a-Service.
managementservices | 76x83 

Application Management Services for the UK public sector : A portfolio-led approach to application rationalisation, support and management, which focuses on reliability, improvement and continual assessment of business value.

Expertise, experience and agility

We have technical, strategic and business knowledge, powerful third-party partnerships and advanced technologies to help us deliver the most agile and cost effective applications services:

  • Expertise. HP programmers are familiar with both legacy and modern programming languages, infrastructures and User Interface design. HP’s Government Cloud also provides a secure, UK public-sector specific cloud infrastructure for application hosting.
  • Experience. HP has helped public sector organisations, both in the UK and worldwide, to modernise and future-proof their application portfolios.  And within HP we reduced our own application estate by 70 percent as part of a transformation that reduced our ICT spend from four percent to two percent of revenue.
  • Agility. HP is committed to the use of agile development techniques and we work alongside and support numerous small and medium-sized enterprise specialists to help us deliver more flexible project services.