Develop and deploy effective business processes

For maximum efficiency and in order to deliver in line with citizen and taxpayers’ expectations, public sector organisations require both common, shared business services and customised, innovative solutions to unique government processes. HP Business Services combines technology, innovation and expertise to offer an outsourced answer to both needs.

Our portfolio includes both the operation of efficient, industrialised shared processes; and the capability to consult and advise on how operations left behind in a digital transformation can be enhanced and made more efficient.

It's no longer within the reach of many public sector bodies to invest in new technologies for every business process, but continuing with out-dated and disjointed processes and applications is equally unaffordable.  Outsourcing to HP’s Business Services is a cost-effective alternative that allows you to scale your needs on demand.

The possibilities for the public sector

Improve financial performance

  • Reduce costs by outsourcing to efficient third party operations that benefit from economies of scale
  • Improve your management of revenues by adopting commercial practices Make the most of technology investments by creating hybrid in-house and outsourced processes
Transparency and insight

  • Digitise documents to extract more unstructured data from hard copy documents and make them easier to find
  • Achieve end-to-end insight into operations to optimise costs and better deploy resources
Become greener

  • Reduce the amount of paper in circulation internally and involved in citizen-service workflows
  • Make use of shared services for printing and document storage, thereby optimising energy consumption and hardware usage

HP Business Services

We support virtually every administrative process; the aim of our Business Services group is to streamline, reduce costs and improve reliability and transparency so that citizens receive better, faster services and your employees can concentrate on front line services and enacting policy.

We are able to create customised services to suit unique government operations, as well as offering pre-existing business services for the UK Government, which include:

reqmgmt | 76x83 
Finance and Accounting (F&A) and HR Services. Our F&A services cover everything from simple accounting transaction processes through to reporting, complex analytics and business support. For HR, we have the HR Information System: a central hub of employee data, providing real-time reports. We also offer expertise in recruitment, retention, training and development; and we provide payroll services.
hostedprintserv | 76x83 
Revenue Management Services. Many government organisations manage income streams, whether for the collection of fines, fees or other payments.  HP can help improve collection rates, enhance throughput and offer a better service to the citizen.
hostedprintserv | 76x83 
Hosted Print Services. We offer a full range of scalable, transactional print, enveloping and document design services. We accept data in almost any format, and our Automated Document Factory means every item is traceable throughout its lifecycle, ensuring integrity and accuracy of all documents.
docrepsyst | 76x83 

Document Repository System. We offer an IL3-accredited shared cloud service for uploading, digitising and storing your paper documents. This central repository is accessible anywhere, anytime depending on role-based hierarchy permissions and can be integrated into your existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems, automatically triggering workflows and supporting digital contact management.

Investment, expertise and integration

HP is committed to providing the best value, security and efficiency to the UK public sector, and we have the people, processes and tools to prove it:

  • Investment. HP has invested heavily to provide the tools and infrastructure necessary to support the UK public sector. Our Document Repository System, originally developed for the Department for Work and Pensions, demonstrates our willingness to invest in innovative transformations and we have the financial strength to accept a payment by results contracting model.
  • Experience. HP provides business services to 30 government clients around the world, including major UK Government departments. We operate critical services securely at scale and have a deep understanding of and empathy with the public service ethos.
  • Integration. Our technology partnerships, open-standard tools and expertise allow us to integrate with your existing working practices and technologies. We can automate processes, integrate with in-house or third-party ERP and CRM systems and our Hosted Print Services can accept data in virtually any format, from any application.