HP Helps Gloria Jeans Company Maximize Customer Satisfaction and Employee Productivity

ROSTOV-ON-DON, Russia, Jan 20, 2014 — HP today announced that HP Vertica software is enabling fast-fashion retailer Gloria Jeans Company to maintain its competitive edge with fast, accurate business decisions based on the latest information.

HP Vertica enables Russia’s most customer-centric fashion company to generate intelligence and profit from big data through real-time analysis. As a result, Gloria Jeans Company can ensure that its retail stock is in the right place, at the right time, for the right price, maximizing employee productivity and keeping customers happy.

Operating more than 600 stores in nine times zones. Gloria Jeans Company is the largest fast-fashion retailer in Russia and the Ukraine. The company’s allocation model pushes new garments, footwear and accessories to stores several times a week, ensuring that customers find something new every time they visit. The ability to rapidly deliver the latest fashions across a vast geography has led to unprecedented growth, and Gloria Jeans Company is opening more than 20 new stores a month across the region.

“Stale information or data-at-rest is no longer tolerated in the fast moving fashion business, where accurate planning can mean a satisfied customer or lost opportunities in the millions,” says Timothy Kasbe, EVP & Chief Operating Officer, Gloria Jeans Company. “In tests, HP Vertica outperformed the competition by many multiples in terms of processing speed. Complex reporting frameworks that used to take nearly four hours to complete on other platforms can now be completed within twenty seconds. Timely decisions are a distinct competitive advantage in a business where we need to find and action information before our rivals do.”

The massively scalable HP Vertica database platform enables real-time analytics on petabyte-sized data sets, using in-memory massively parallel architecture on standard x86 boxes to improve the efficiency and reliability of Gloria Jeans Company’s information. As well as enabling the company to detect and correct business problems, HP Vertica has significantly increased employee productivity by eliminating traditional data warehouses and nightly batches. It also minimizes the impact of node downtime and provides transparent upgrade capabilities, allowing Gloria Jeans Company to continue to grow and evolve as a world-class retail platform.

“Big data analysis is the key to understanding how a company works and the perfect foundation for business excellence,” says Alexander Mikoyan, vice president and managing director, HP Russia. “In these turbulent times, Gloria Jeans Company demonstrates that it is possible to transform challenges into business value with HP Vertica.”

The HP solution was piloted via the HP cloud in Grenoble, France, in two weeks, and on-premise installation and go-live at Gloria Jeans Company was completed in just three weeks.

“Organizations across the globe need to reduce costs and quickly turn data into business insight by scaling analytics at high speed,” says John Hinshaw, executive vice president of technology & operations, HP. “Vertica provides real-time analytics for structured and unstructured data 50x to 1000x faster than legacy enterprise data warehouses.”

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