Dramatically lower the cost of protecting data at smaller sites with HP StoreOnce VSA— software-defined storage that provides backup and recovery for virtualized environments.

New: HP StoreOnce VSA— fast, efficient backup without dedicated hardware, while reducing storage costs up to 65%.

HP StoreOnce VSA eliminates the need for dedicated infrastructure and enables efficient data mobility from remote sites to centralized data centers. Whether you protect data at smaller sites or are looking to expand your hosted services, StoreOnce VSA has you covered.

HP StoreOnce VSA is:
  • Virtual—eliminate the need for dedicated hardware or backup appliances
    Software-based VSA cuts storage costs by up to 65%, rackspace by up to 50% and power by up to 70%.1
  • Consolidated—manage your entire backup environment from a single console
    Save operational and management time. Use the backup software of your choice.
  • Federated—move data efficiently without rehydration
    Reduce risk and increase agility, securely replicating data without ever having to rehydrate.
  • Multitenant—deliver managed data protection services
    Meet customer data protection needs while reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

Who can benefit from HP StoreOnce VSA?

Enterprises—deploy backup solutions at remote offices without adding any dedicated hardware.

Small and Midsize Cloud Service Providers—offer simple, low-cost backup and recovery managed services

Small and Midsize Businesses—deploy business applications and data protection on the same physical infrastructure

For more information:
Storage for the software-defined datacenter
StoreOnce Backup Datasheet
StoreOnce QuickSpecs


1 Based on May 2013 HP internal comparative analysis of publicly available list price data of StoreOnce VSA vs. Dedicated backup appliance hardware from major competitors.


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See what StoreOnce VSA can do for your environment. Download the trial software and try it for free for 60 days.

Step 1 Register online to download the StoreOnce VSA 60-day trial software
Register to start your free software download
Step 2 Ensure that sufficient resources are available on the host to run StoreOnce VSA. Consider downloading and installing StoreOnce Enterprise Manager as this provides an easy way to deploy and manage StoreOnce VSA.
Step 3 Deploy the trial software using StoreOnce Enterprise Manager or if not available using the vSphere Client.
Step 4 Configure backup targets on the StoreOnce VSA using the Graphical interface. Use the backup application of your choice to protect your data and applications by backing up data to the created backup targets. See compatibility matrices at www.hp.com/go/ebs

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See how HP StoreOnce customers across the globe have overcome the gaps, inefficiencies and costs associated with fragmented, first-generation deduplication technologies.

StoreOnce is:

  • Accelerated
  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Highly available

Himatsingka Seide

“We chose HP because of its de-duplication technology, which is better than competitors’. Other important factors were its good restoration time, its replication capabilities, and its competitive price.”
—Ravi Prakash, assistant general manager IT, Himatsingka Seide
Himatsingka Seide case study (PDF, 1.2MB)

Albemarle & Bond Holdings PLC

“The deduplication capability of the HP StoreOnce Backup Systems has enabled us to reduce backup data by 84 percent, reclaiming 76 terabytes of storage for more valuable uses.”
Albermarle & Bond Holdings PLC case study (PDF, 369 KB)


“We have had a 15% cost reduction in TCO, due to reduction in power costs, space savings and management time and maintenance. I estimate the solution will pay for itself over a three year period, which means in effect we really haven’t had any outlay for the equipment.”
—Matt Nunns, Managing Director, GoCloud
GoCloud case study (PDF, 477 KB)

Ultra Flex

“The competition doesn’t have a flexible way of scaling capacity without adding additional systems, but the HP StoreOnce Backup System is very scalable. I can add another shelf of disk space very easily.”
—Radek Danielewicz, IT Manager, Ultra Flex Packaging Corp.
Ultra Flex case study (PDF, 297KB)

Fujian Unicom

“The HP StoreOnce B6200 system was in line with our expectations. We will now have more flexibility when running backups in rather complex environments. At the same time, the product has a strong advantage in terms of performance.”
—Zheng Gang, information technology division manager, Fujian Unicom
Fujian Unicom case study (PDF, 1.24 MB)

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Software-Defined Storage Products

Software-Defined Storage Innovations

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