Comprehensive incident support and assistance

The mission of HP TippingPoint Technical Support is to provide the highest standard of technical intrusion prevention system support by providing an excellent customer experience at all times. Our goal is to isolate, document and resolve every technical issue including, failure to pass traffic or false positives, in the most expeditious and professional manner.

HP TippingPoint Technical Support provides:

  • Technical support engineers who are available 24x7 by phone or email
  • Online support that offers product upgrades, knowledge base articles, FAQ’s, support incident creation and more

Maintenance programs

HP TippingPoint offers two maintenance programs tailored to the support needs of its customers:

HP TippingPoint Premium Support
Complete solution for companies that install and maintain their own network hardware. Complementary to your in-house resources providing next-business-day-ship hardware replacement, 24x7 access to telephone technical support and software upgrades.

HP TippingPoint Platinum Support
Highest level of support focused on the customer's specific environment and needs to create a comprehensive offering to maximize customer value by providing Dedicated Account Support (DAS). The customer will be assigned a team of Account Consulting Engineers (ACEs) from our Professional Services Organization.


Online support

The HP TippingPoint Threat Management Center (TMC) provides access to:

Download Center: Centralized, up-to-date repository of the latest Digital Vaccines, Reputation Database (RepDV), and TippingPoint Operating System (TOS). In addition, the TMC offers software patches and product documentation.

Knowledge Base: Features articles that contain technical notes and documentation of known product issues with in-depth descriptions and resolutions.

ThreatLinQ Security Intelligence Portal: An easy-to-use, real-time threat monitoring console that provides a means to evaluate the changing threat landscape and connect that to specific intrusion prevention system (IPS) policy changes. ThreatLinQ gives organizations the ability to proactively optimize their network security in order to reduce unnecessary business risks based on a detailed real-time analysis of today's threat landscape. ThreatLinQ is available to all HP TippingPoint customers through the TMC.


Contact HP TippingPoint Technical Support

  • Web:
  • Email:
  • Telephone:
    North America: +1 866 681 8324
    International: +1 512 681 8324
    International Numbers Australia: 1800 783 933
    Bahrain: 8000-4391
    Brazil: 0800-891-4373
    China (China Netcom Group): 10-800-711-0740
    China (China Telecom South): 10-800-110-0682
    Denmark: 80-883479
    Egypt (inside Cairo): 2510-0200. Once connected, then dial 888-214-6584
    Egypt (outside Cairo): 02-2510-0200. Once connected, then dial 888-214-6584
    Finland: 0800-9-14767
    France: 0800-91-4102
    Germany: 0800-181-0345
    Hong Kong: 800-96-7415
    Hungary: 06-800-13-879
    India: 000-800-100-1134
    Ireland: 1-800-558-765
    Italy: 800-788765
    Israel: 180-941-2705
    Mexico: 001-866-681-8324
    New Zealand: 0800 852 300
    Norway: 800-11187
    Saudi Arabia: 800-844-2882
    Spain: 900-98-1063
    Switzerland: 0800-89-0204
    United Arab Emirates (UAE): 8000-441-3480
    United Kingdom: 0808-234-1611

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