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Viruses, spam, theft, accidents... just a few threats faced by your computers, capable bringing your business to a halt. HP and its business partners work with you to understand your needs and to define risks facing your organization. Our job is, to set up the optimum security measures to ensure your peace of mind.

Customer Testimony

"Our customer database is a key asset. I want it to be as secure as our financial data. That's why we now have a server on which all our most vital business information is stored and backed up every evening. It's an inhouse insurance policy! And thanks to it, we've been able to negotiate a 15% reduction on our business continuity insurance premiums."

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    How HP can help

    How HP can help
    • Backup solutions expertise is available from most HP business partners, who can deploy tailor-made solutions fitting your requirements
    • HP PCs include backup and data recovery software to help when you lose or delete data accidentally.
    • Anti-virus and firewall software is preinstalled on all HP PCs. After a free trial period you can chose to purchase and activate the software online without the need to reinstall.
    • The standard warranty plans covering your HP products can be extended with the range of optional “Care Pack” services, providing increased services (next business day and onsite repair) ), for longer period, and covering additional risks (security, accidental loss or damage).
    • HP offers a broad range of enterprise servers to safely store your data.

    Secure your data

    Viruses, spam, theft, accidents... just a few of the threats faced by your computers, which can bring your business to a halt. HP helps you protect your business.

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