Total Care

A single point of contact for all technology decisions

HP Total Care

HP Total Care helps you to choose the right products, optimize their use, protect your data and manage the transition to new solutions - all sensitive decisions which directly impact your productivity and that of your employees. It offers one single point of contact to make information technology decisions easier for you, day after day.

A full set of tools at your hand

  • HP helps to clarify your challenges and requirements
  • A wide range of special offers and deals are available, focused on your requirements
  • HP provides the most relevant information, going straight to the heart of each of your individual business challenges
  • Get an overview of HP added value such as accessories and innovative technologies that will improve product performance and better meet your expectations.

HP Total Care

Let us help you choose the right products for your business needs.

We can help you to get the most out of your technology investmen.

Get the optimum security measures to ensure the data of your business is safe.

Keep your technology up-to-date and dispose of it safely.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Find out how our customers benefit from using HP Total Care. A range of testimonials will help you understand how Total Care can help small and medium businesses to reach their business goals.

Read why these customers chose Total Care (PDF):

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