HP Total Care

Keeping your IT infrastructue up to date

Not only your business underlies frequent changes, also your technology is constant needing new, higher performance infrastructure. HP Total Care can provide you with a range of installation and configuration services tailored to your needs, ensuring trouble-free migration and keeping your business smoothly.

Customer Testimony

"Our customer database is a key asset. I want it to be as secure as our financial data. That's why we now have a server on which all our most vital business information is stored and backed up every evening. It's an inhouse insurance policy! And thanks to it, we've been able to negotiate a 15% reduction on our business continuity insurance premiums."

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    How HP can help

    How HP can help
    • All HP products are fully interoperable. Installation and interconnection is fast and transparent. Most of HP business accessories (like docking stations, batteries, etc. are backward and forward compatible)
    • Most HP business partners offer migration planning services for successful roll-out of hardware and software upgrades.
    • Financing can be adapted to suit your budget.
    • HP strives to be a global leader in reducing its carbon footprint, limiting waste and recycling responsibly. The HP Planet Partners recycling program makes it easy to recycle HP printer consumables and PCs.

    Change your technology

    HP offers several programs to easily and safely renew or update your technology:

    Care for the environment

    HP takes it's responsibility for the environment seriously - throughout the entire product life cycle.