HP Blended Reality

Reimagine a whole
new world of possibilities

Introducing Blended Reality

Blended reality is a way to blend the digital world with the physical world
we live in. It’s a way to humanize technology and make it more tangible,
allowing us to grab things, mash things and make something even better.
Blended reality is more than an idea, it’s a promise. A vision. And with it, we’re
reimagining a whole new world of possibilities.

Blended Reality Buzz

  • When we talk about the third industrial revolution, I truly believe it is coming, and it will be even more amazing than anyone could possibly imagine, thanks to, in a big part, HP.


    Eddie Krassenstein,  3DPrint.com

  • Curating a creative
    playground: Sprout

    In the interest of creating curated experiences, Sprout Workspace lets you scan images, work on projects, create and explore exciting apps like CyberLink, Crayola for children, and even a new app from Martha Stewart.

  • Meet Multi Jet Fusion™

    Industry-changing 3D printing technology has arrived. Multi Jet Fusion cuts the level of print time, making it the fastest, most productive highest quality 3D printing product on the market.

  • Blending our physical and digital worlds

    Envision a world where inputs and outputs are seamless and intuitive, creating a virtuous cycle of creativity. Now, for the first time, both our physical world and digital world are 3 dimensional. We call it Blended Reality—and it can change the world.

  • Sprout may be the most important improvement in computing for the masses in the last 15 years or more. Nobody has integrated this much power into such a simple but also elegant professional package. I think for HP it's a clear differentiator.


    Richard Doherty, Envisioneering

  • [Sprout] really puts HP’s innovative streak front and center and I think a lot of people are going to be blown away by what they see.


    Wendy Lee, SFGate.com

  • Hewlett-Packard (HP) is cementing its reputation as an innovator with Sprout, the desktop computer system that surpasses our ingrained expectations of what a desktop computer can and cannot do.




    Nicole Arce, Tech Times

  • Go from thought
    to expression

    Why should we be forced to operate
    through filters of clicks and taps? Now,
    go from thought to expression in an
    instant with a new category of creation,
    Immersive Computing. Meet Sprout
    by HP.

  • Immersive computing has arrived

    Imagine combining the capabilities of
    your keyboard, projector, canvas, scanner
    and 3D camera into one beautiful device
    with seamless integration. Welcome to
    Immersive Computing, a better experience
    for people who want to create.

Blending physical and digital, Sprout lets
you work in the tangible, tactile world we live in.
No complicated processes.
No intimidating technology. Just you, Sprout and
your imagination. A whole new work space where
you can roll up your sleeves and create something.
Instantly. It's time to reimagine what you can do.

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Blended Reality and Sprout

The shapes of things to come

See your ideas take shape with the
future of HP 3D printing on the horizon,
literally transforming digital expressions
into the physical; realizing your full creative
potential and completing the vision
of blended reality.

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