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HP SoftPaq Download Manager

Simple, powerful…and free!

HP SoftPaq Download Manager provides a simple, powerful way to download software updates for the HP client PC models in your environment. HP SDM can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to locate and download updates. SoftPaqs can be downloaded in as few as three easy steps from a single user interface after initial setup.

Identify important updates quickly

Now it’s easier than ever to help ensure that all of your HP PCs are updated with the latest critical updates to improve overall system reliability and performance. Critical updates can be identified using the priority field in HP SoftPaq Download Manager. Sort by name, version, priority, category, models, size or date to organize the list of available softpaqs

Easy to use

Locating files is a snap using HP SoftPaq Download Manager. Simply select the desired models, operating systems and languages, then click Find Available SoftPaqs. All available softpaqs matching the selected criteria will be displayed in a friendly interface. Next, check the updates you wish to download, then click the Download button.

Download HP SoftPaq Download Manager
Application, 18.7 MB

Flexible and powerful

HP SoftPaq Download Manager is flexible enough to complement most environments and software distribution tools. Whether downloading softpaqs for your HP PC, or managing thousands in your enterprise, you will find HP SDM an invaluable tool.

For more information, visit Whitepapers library

See all the benefits

  • Find pertinent information quickly
  • Lists the updates available based on your search criteria on a single screen
  • Easily find the updates that are most important to you and your users
  • Avoid the cumbersome task of downloading updates individually
  • Download the updates where you want
  • One click to start the download process
  • No need to remember or manually track previously downloaded updates
  • Simple, easy to use interface

HP Systems Software Manager

The HP System Software Manager (SSM) is a utility that automatically detects and updates BIOS, device drivers, and management agent versions on your networked PCs.

HP driver versions that are supported by SSM are denoted with a special icon on the HP driver download web site and on the Support Software CD.

Features and benefits

  • Streamline mass deployment of HP System Software updates
  • Simplify the complexity of PC HP System Software management
  • Optimize PC performance
  • Reduce total ownership costs
  • Provide a stable and consistent PC environment key features
  • Automatic detection of hardware and out-of date BIOS & HP System Software
  • Automatic installation of latest HP System Software to multiple PCs simultaneously
  • Updates can take place remotely and in silent, unattended mode so you don't have to leave your chair
  • Summary report is created for tracking and management purposes

SSM compliant BIOS flashing updates for other HP clients are available at the HP driver download Web site.

Read the Release Notes and download SSM

HP BIOS Configuration Utility (BCU)

The HP BIOS Configuration Utility is a free utility which provides the ability to manage BIOS settings on HP supported desktop, workstation and notebook computers.


  • Read available BIOS settings and their values from a supported computer
  • Set configurable BIOS settings on a supported computer
  • Set or reset Setup Password on a supported computer
  • Replicate BIOS settings across multiple client computers

Read the Release Notes and download BCU

HP Image Assistant (HPIA)

The HP Image Assistant is a free tool that provides assistance to IT System Administrators to improve the quality and security of their PC Windows image by diagnosing the image, identifying problems and recommending solutions.


  • Capture PC configurations such as hardware, software, drivers and updates to be evaluated
  • Compare Target Image against Reference Image
  • Dashboard view summarizing areas where Target Image and Reference Image differ
  • Display all drivers, Windows updates for both Target Image and Reference Image
  • Display all security related software installed on both Target Image and Reference Image
  • Provide recommendations for fixing missing updates, drivers, software, security settings and BIOS

Read the Release Notes and download HPIA