Go beyond the bounds of Wi-Fi

No Wi-Fi around?
No problem. Free 4G for life!

Don’t worry about connecting, even when you go beyond Wi-Fi with free 4G.

Enjoy 200MB of free data each month, no annual contract, for the life of your device.

No more coffee shop hopping for free Wi-Fi.

Watch the HP 4G Mobility demo

HP 4G Mobility demo

Learn how to activate the free data included on your device


How it works

Easy to activate. Ready out-of-the-box, turn on, register, and connect – it's that easy.

No strings. No annual contract and no credit card to activate service, no kidding.

Data for life. 200MB of free data every month for as long as you own and use your device on T-Mobile's network.

No overages. No surprise charges or overage fees. And email alerts keep you posted on your data usage.

Want more data? Buy additional data on the fly at low prepaid rates as you need it, when you need it.**

Hang at the park. Enjoy the outdoors while you surf the net.

Forgot to send that file? And you've already left the office, no problem – you've got 4G.

Less coffee. Stop coffee shop hopping for free Wi-Fi.

NEW. 2 years upgraded to lifetime! Regardless of purchase date, your device has been upgraded to lifetime of free 4G! No action required by customers, upgrade is automatic. ***

* Limited time offer; subject to change. Free data avail. every 30 days as long as you own and use registered device on T-Mobile’s network. No roaming. Usage applied first to passes, next to free data, then Mobile Internet allotment. Service starts on date of activation and is not available everywhere. Data connection speed can vary due to location, environment, network conditions, and other factors. See coverage details at www.T-Mobile.com   External link .  Use or activation of service is your agreement to T-Mobile’s Terms and Conditions. Available on select SKUs in U.S. only. See www.T-Mobile.com   External link   for current rates.

** See T-Mobile.com   External link for current rates.

*** NOTE: some product box materials may not be updated with lifetime information due to the timing of the upgrade; however all devices with the HP/T-Mobile 4G program have been upgraded to lifetime.

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