HP and Capella Intelligent Print Manager (IPM) solution enforces tailored print policies and provides real-time cost awareness for your printing environment to help save costs, enhance security, aid in compliance mandates, and promote sustainability.

HP and IPM analyzes the printing environment to implement your organization’s print policies and help prevent security breaches. Users know how much each print job costs before they print and can see cost breakdowns for other options at the same time. Sensitive documents are sent to the appropriate location only when authorized users match specific conditions and meet certain rules set by your IT department.

    By using this intelligent, rules-based solution you can:
  • Reduce expenses
  • Promote sustainability
  • Keep your information within a secure network

Why HP?

HP partners with highly qualified solution providers to add versatility and capability to the industry’s largest imaging and printing portfolio. HP has the expertise to identify and integrate innovative solutions—for companies of any size—to help meet their complex business needs. As a global technology leader, HP offers financial stability and scale to improve IT value, enabling customers in major industries to become more cost-effective, efficient, secure, and sustainable.

How it works?

Easily create custom rules to support companywide print policies.

Create custom rules to support print policies.