Activate information with convenient scanning and sending

HP Embedded Capture, an HP JetAdvantage Workflow Solution elevates the role information plays in your office by capturing documents through a variety of simple methods. HP Embedded Capture makes it easier to digitize documents and share them publicly, while extending a device's digital-sending capabilities. As a basic scan-and-send solution, HP Embedded Capture improves everyday office efficiency without the need for a dedicated server. Predefine scan processes and trigger them directly at the device, or implement on-demand scanning from common applications through a TWAIN driver or a provided application programming interface (API).

By using HP Embedded Capture, an HP JetAdvantage Workflow Solution, your organization can:

Streamline processes, reduce costs

Capture and send documents adding indexing information when required.
Easily insert scanned images into TWAIN-compatible applications.
Generate scan requests from proprietary applications directly1.
Reduce downtime with a solution that doesn’t require a server.

Transitioning information into workflows

Capture information quickly and easily with little to no training.
Create one-time or permanent scan jobs.
Pre-configure settings, or let users edit their own settings.
Easily integrate authentication options.

Putting information to work

Have users provide additional data through the control panel for better indexing.
Create smart workflows which execute based on information provided by end users or the scanning and sending result.
Implement backup routines and retrials to ensure files arrive at the final destination successfully.
Notify users and administrators of the scanning and sending results.

Transform the way you manage and share scanned information

HP Scan Configuration Service is an add-on service providing pre-configured workflow templates through HP Embedded Capture, an embedded scan-and-send solution. Industry-specific menus and prompts make it simple to capture information in the required format and with the required metadata, and route it where it is needed. Based on predefined workflow rules, your documents are sent to multiple destinations with a press of a button and do not require additional infrastructure.

Do more with your device

Get started using industry-specific templates to optimize how you process scanned and digital files—with the HP Scan Configuration Service. Let HP create custom workflows specific to your business processes right at the device and create rules to ensure proper document routing and notification. Contact your local HP representative to get started. We have a team of industry solutions consultants who will assess the business processes specific to your industry to help determine your specific business needs.

To purchase HP Scan Configuration Service, or learn more about it download the HP JetAdvantage Scan Configuration Service Solution brief.