HP and Kofax Communication Server provides a central communications platform that helps ensure the reliable exchange of business-critical messages among applications, devices, and people. Users can send and receive documents through business applications such as ERP
and CRM.

    By using HP and Kofax Communication Server, your organization can:
  • Connect any existing corporate email, such as Microsoft® Exchange or Lotus Notes, to send and receive faxes, SMS, or voice messages
  • Lower costs by reducing or eliminating dedicated fax equipment and other single-use devices
  • Centrally manage, track, index, archive, report on, and create searchable PDFs of incoming and outgoing communications
  • Automate messaging tasks to help speed operations, reduce human error, and minimize message loss
  • Trace document transfers from multifunction printers for communications such as fax
    and email
  • Create customized user security profiles
  • Protect information by electronically securing and routing information to the intended recipient’s inbox
  • Identify, track, and log the senders and recipients of incoming and outgoing messages
  • Improve compliance with regulatory mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Basel II, and the Patriot Act

Why HP?

HP partners with highly qualified solution providers to add versatility and capability to the industry’s largest imaging and printing portfolio. HP has the expertise to identify and integrate innovative solutions—for companies of any size—to help meet their complex business needs. As a global technology leader, HP offers financial stability and scale to improve IT value, enabling customers in major industries to become more cost-effective, efficient, secure, and sustainable.

How it works?

HP and Kofax Communication Server monitors activity on an organization’s network, telephone lines, connected MFPs, and connected business applications—all from a centralized server. The solution can manage, track, index, and archive all incoming and outgoing communications.

Manage incoming and outgoing communications