Capture and workflow solutions manage the flow of business information efficiently, easily, and accurately.

  • HP Capture and Route Solution it's one-button simple to capture a document and route it to where it's needed. Now documents can become more accessible and easier to find, distribute, and track.
  • HP Embedded Capture Printing Solution Embedded Capture Printing Solution elevates the role information plays in your office by capturing documents through a variety of simple methods.
  • HP and Hyland Software Document Capture and Workflow solution makes documents more usable and accessible across your organization with an end-to-end enterprise content management (ECM) system.
  • HP and Kofax Capture improves processes by collecting and transforming hard-copy or electronic documents and forms into accurate, accessible information that can be delivered to applications and databases.
  • HP and Kofax Communication Server provides a central communications platform that helps ensure the reliable exchange of business-critical messages among applications, devices, and people.
  • HP and Kofax Front Office Server enables the initiation of document-driven, back-office processes by customer-facing knowledge workers, eliminating the need to sort and classify hard-copy forms and documents for routing to separate, process-specific sites within or across the organization.
  • HP and Kofax Transformation Modules extend the value of installed HP and Kofax Capture solutions by accelerating the transformation of documents into structured, electronic information that is ready for integration into business processes.
  • HP and Omtool Document Capture and Workflow solution is a server-based software platform that uses Omtool AccuRoute for capturing, processing, delivering, and archiving critical business documents.

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