HP Cloud Workshop

The HP Cloud Workshop is an interactive experience, tailored to and driven by your business and cloud agenda. Using highly informative and engaging visual panels to drive interaction in the workshop, senior HP consultants share their vast experience from many engagements across a wide variety of industries to create an experience that fosters an open and frank conversation about how you can best leverage cloud based on your specific circumstances. Ultimately, the goal of the workshop is to facilitate faster decision making and cross-team collaboration—so that you can shape your own cloud path to a promising future.

With our cloud experts you will be able to:

  • Develop clarity, consensus, and vision
  • Understand why cloud represents a new style of business technology and how it can enable your business vision
  • Identify the cloud initiatives that support your business agenda
  • Create a plan of action for your journey forward

Find the right cloud solutions with an HP Cloud Workshop

Get started with a custom session for evaluating your needs and exploring your options.

About our workshop (PDF, 401 KB)

Contact your HP Representative to schedule a workshop by sending us an email.

Why partner with HP for your cloud journey

You demand knowledgeable assistance from experienced and trusted partners like HP to provide prescriptive guidance throughout your cloud journey. We deliver:

  • Cloud experts with industry leading knowledge, experience, and best practices developed across geography, public sector and private sector engagements
  • Consistent global delivery of world class cloud professional services
  • End-to-end innovative solutions that integrate business processes, applications, infrastructure and operations
  • A single point of accountability for all professional services
  • Hybrid delivery models across private, managed and public cloud
  • Knowledge of enterprise OpenStack technology solutions to help you seamlessly integrate OpenStack software into your cloud environment

Meet the Experts

Connect with our HP technology experts like Ewald Comhaire to find how how the HP Converged Cloud Workshop streamlines and accelerates your business and technology alignment for a shared cloud understanding and strategy.

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