Migrate and consolidate your infrastructure platforms

To better compete and grow, businesses demand more innovation, speed, and flexibility from their data centers. This puts the pressure squarely on IT to deliver applications and new services quickly, while also paving the way for future innovation.

Unfortunately, aging infrastructure and facilities are limiting business agility and draining IT budgets. Inflexible, monolithic, hard-wired, and under-utilized systems are complex, costly to maintain, and too slow to respond to today’s business demands—a phenomena known as IT sprawl. The way out is through infrastructure convergence, which can help overcome IT sprawl while establishing a solid foundation for both traditional and cloud solutions.

Our experts will help you discover the benefits of modernizing your overgrown operations and will look at ways for infrastructure convergence in your environment to provide improved return on investment.

Infrastructure Convergence

CIOs face a steady increase in the number of users accessing application services and the number of applications the business needs. Meanwhile, the complexity of the applications themselves is on the rise. Taking the path toward a hybrid cloud environment, is the only way to meet changing business demands—now and in the future. It’s a journey, and not something that happens overnight. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your current platform meeting your IT and business requirements?
  • If you need to transition to a new platform now or in the future, what is the ideal option?
  • How will you accomplish a risk-mitigated transition? And how long will the process be?
  • What will it cost and what are the returns on investment?
Strategy Services

Attend one of our workshops to understand the value consolidation and virtualization provides, key success factors and people, process, technology considerations. As an example, the Platform Advisory Workshop can help you figure out the best way forward.

Implementation Services

Our consolidation and migration experts execute clients’ new consolidation or migration plans to a new platform, typically including the infrastructure, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, databases and custom applications. HP will build the platform, migrate the applications and then provide testing, backup, disaster recovery, security, tools automation and education.

Design Services

Let HP Consolidation and Migration Services experts do the work for you. Through consolidation or migration discovery, analysis and planning – including dependencies and move groups, they determine blueprints, timelines and resources—for organizations that want to transition to a future-ready environment with a good return on investment.


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