UNIX Operating System Services

In-depth expertise makes our support for HP-UX and Tru64 the industry norm. Services include:

  • Business Continuity & Availability Services—We provide availability assessments, ongoing availability monitoring and continuous improvement strategies to help you meet your uptime goals.
  • Start-Up & Implementation Services—We offer a comprehensive set of services to get you up-and-running smoothly and quickly.
  • Software Support & Updates—We automatically deliver new HP-UX releases to you as they become available. We partner with your IT team to increase efficiency and effectiveness in day-to-day HP-UX system administration. We help you avoid problems, but if one occurs, you call, we respond.
  • Application Outsourcing Services—We help you cut cost, complexity and risk with outsourcing support tailored to your needs.
  • Education & Training—We offer information-rich courses, available worldwide, to help your technical professionals make the most of the HP-UX environment.

Meet the Experts

Connect with our HP technology experts for UNIX Operating System Services, including start up, software support, business continuity and education and training.