Integrate vendors and customers with Business Exchange Services

HP Business Exchange Services (BES) provides the mechanisms and the infrastructure to support key B2B activities. These include Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Collaborative Planning and Forecasting (CPFR). These connections are vital to your business. Disconnections between you, vendors, or customers can literally shut down your operations.

HP BES connects your trading community efficiently. Trading partners are brought on fast. Our full management service is turn-key: We call partners, test, and integrate so all pathways are ready to work together. Usage-based fees make these solutions scalable as well as cost-effective.

Making data connections

EDI and B2B progress have often been messy and costly. Combined systems of different ages cause complex sub-optimal processes, inconsistent security and service levels, and the inability to manage exchanges as a global capability. There is limited visibility into business process performance. New processes and functionality are not easily supported; automated solutions are underutilized. Bringing new partners on is costly and takes too long. It doesn't have to be this way.

HP BES creates a single framework. It eliminates the mistakes inherent in dealing with multiple systems among various business partners. You manage the flow of information, payments and shared business processes for 100 percent of your global business partner community and supply chain—regardless of your industry and technical capabilities.


BES Horizontal Services: Consulting

  • B2B Health Check: We perform a "health check" on your business-to-business project or program as well as a due-diligence review to see that your program or project is on track.
  • B2B Strategy and Modernization: We do a full assessment of your business-to-business application, technology, operations, and governance. You get a detailed transformation plan as a result of the assessment.
  • B2B Implementations and Staff Augmentation: We analyze and specify best resources that will provide you with analysis, application development, application management, and project and program management. We can augment your staff or you can outsource the entire implementation to HP.

BES Horizontal Services: B2B Outsourcing

We provide secure document routing, translation and integration. This service is also referred to as our Business-to-Business Managed Service (Integration Brokerage) solution.

  • Managed File Transfer (MFT): We allow you, your suppliers, and your customers to access and exchange critical data over one secure global network. It improves efficiencies throughout your trading community, accelerating the processing of fund transfers and invoices.
  • e-Invoice and Presentment: We optimize accounts payable and receivable functions by automating time-intensive and error-prone manual invoice processing.
  • Community Management: Your trading partners use various proprietary and standard formats for their transactions. Transactions span multiple levels of automation and systems ranging from high-volume mainframes to stand-alone workstations. HP optimizes the effectiveness of your entire trading community by managing e-commerce compliance.

BES Industry-Specific Services

We provide secure document routing, translation and integration. This service is also referred to as our Business-to-Business Managed Service (Integration Brokerage) solution.

  • CI&R: HP offers solutions that optimize processes among manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and brokers in the CPG and retail industries. From basic VAN and AS2 connectivity to EDI, XML, and UCCnet, we help companies trade efficiently, become UCCnet- and retailer-compliant, reduce costs, improve supply chain visibility, and increase order-invoice accuracy.
  • Healthcare: HP enables and manages the secure, reliable, and industry-compliant exchange of healthcare administrative transactions between payers and providers in a managed service environment. We help you address the challenges of complexity, compliance, and cost with an eminently flexible solution.
  • Manufacturing: HP enables and manages the exchange of business documents between manufacturers and 100% of their trading community through a managed service model.
  • HIPAA Validation: HP provides data validation and translation services for all HIPAA transactions. We also help you comply with HIPAA privacy and security rules. We perform types 1 – 7 editing as defined by WEDI for all named X12 transactions and type 1 editing for all named NCPDP transactions.
  • Healthcare Payer Clearinghouse: HP designed it for healthcare payers, health plans, and PBM markets. Highly scalable, it helps you format, edit, and electronically exchange healthcare administrative and clinical documents or transactions. It supports many standard formats and connections in real-time and batch modes with a single interface to providers.
  • Global Data Synchronization: We enable trading partners to have consistent item information in their systems, with the integration of real-time data into existing product management systems. We support the entire supply chain “beginning to end”, even if overseas. You have continuous communication links and in-line acknowledgement of data sent between trading partners.
  • Chargeback Management: We help suppliers comply with retailer information mandates. Suppliers have the ability to see where, how, and why chargebacks occur.
  • Vendor Performance: We help retailers detect violations of rules and communicate them to maintain compliance among the vendor community. HP helps you research and respond to disputes more easily. We help you capture hard-to-find violations that otherwise go undetected. You can generate automatic vendor scorecards or deduction documentation.