Cost-effective convenience

HP Convenience Pay Services provides payment options for you to offer your end customers, with minimal initial and ongoing support. We provide the flexible infrastructure for a self-service environment and fully customize it to meet your requirements. That means dozens of details as you want them, including the look and feel of the site, the way your customer is greeted, and a tailored service process.

Payment options

End customers pay bills over the Web, by phone (IVR), and face-to-face using a debit/credit card or electronic check (e-Check, ACH, or EFT), all within Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. A fee is charged for the ability to pay at any time, 24x7. HP stores all cardholder information in a PCI-secure environment so you don't have to pass the tough audits or pay stiff fines for non-compliance with PCI rules.

Processes, features and benefits