The HP Perspective “Eliminate IT Waste From Software Defects”

Cost efficiency, time to market, risk mitigation

Three business outcomes you expect from your applications software development projects.

The pressure to produce more with less has never been greater. We must deliver higher quality applications more quickly, and we must transform and modernize our environments to be more agile. These current economic times only heighten these needs and increase the pressure.

The HP perspective brings Quality Management and Testing Management into the core of the issue. We recognize that waste exists in IT systems engineering processes and we seek to eliminate that waste in order to reduce cost. In doing so, we see that quality improves as a natural order, as we improve our processes and move along the quality maturity index.

Quality Management Solutions

Quality Management Solutions

Our quality assurance processes and quality management solutions enable you to increase the visibility of quality, performance and security of your application software. Our processes help you understand the value of business functions, determine business impact, and focus testing and quality assurance activity accordingly.

This alignment of IT to business brings users together with analysts, developers and testers to communicate more effectively and shorten the duration from requirements to user testing. See how our approach can help you achieve zero functional defects in User Acceptance Testing, enabling your projects to be released on time.

Managed Testing Services

Our global testing practice delivers managed testing services from cost effective locations that accelerate testing activity.

We validate your application software for functional quality, performance and security using highly skilled dedicated testing professionals. Our professionals apply our test automation framework to dramatically reduce the cost and time required to perform regression testing on changes to your most critical business applications.

Our risk-based, requirement-driven testing approach delivers the right test coverage based on business value and enables you to reduce the cost of software quality.

Testing Centers of Excellence

Establish your Testing Center of Excellence across your enterprise. With our help, you can quickly become a Level 4 Quality Expert organization.

  • Enterprise level quality strategy
  • Dedicated QA team
  • Formal QA processes
  • Managed testing services
  • Leveraged testing resources
  • Test automation framework
  • Testing center of excellence

Our testing centers of excellence deliver 20-30% cost savings to deliver quality application software to your business.

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