Optimize Your SAP Environment

Because applications cost more to run than build, you need implementation solutions that deliver long-term maintainability and lower your total cost of ownership.

Use the Designed for Run™ strategy to align your SAP implementation to your business processes, increasing process efficiency and lowering cost. Our strategy considers the function and expense of your IT systems and applications as a whole.

HP supports every area within your SAP stack—infrastructure and administration, business operations, application and systems management software solutions—for end-to-end integration across your enterprise.

Transform Your Business

Our implementation services can help transform your business by redesigning your business processes and configuring and implementing best-in-class SAP technology and applications.

Consolidate Your SAP Solutions Into a Single Global Footprint

Rationalizing disparate platforms and applications as a result of mergers and acquisitions can be overwhelming. To get the most value from your systems, you need to unify business processes and eliminate data silos. Streamlining the number of ERP instances can lead to dramatic business and operational efficiencies. Benefits of consolidation to your enterprise applications include:

  • An integrated application that provides a consistent user experience across all organizations
  • Standardized processes
  • Reduced application support costs