Secure information storage with ready access

HP Digital Vault Services provides electronic storage for all kinds of documents—paper, e-mail, voice mail, text messages and more. We capture, index and store your documents at our data centers. We define and enforce security and privacy rules for each kind of information. And we provide almost instant access to them according to your access rules.

Digital Vault Services enables a comprehensive records management system that lets you manage information in its business context throughout the document lifecycle. It replaces warehouses full of filing cabinets with secure, digital storage. And it replaces time consuming document searches with ready web access.

HP’s service lets you reduce the cost of storing and accessing information. And it lets you document compliance with regulations, security policies and records retention requirements.

Cover the entire document lifecycle

HP Digital Vault Services provides an end-to-end storage and retrieval system for all kinds of electronic information. The service includes:

  • Assessment—we examine your records management needs, determine how you can best use the service, and develop an action plan to get you going.
  • Capture—we capture and index existing paper and electronic documents and establish the business and security rules under which they will be managed.
  • Ongoing information capture—you transmit newly created documents and data periodically to us so that we can add them to the repository.
  • Access—Authenticated users use a web application to search for and retrieve documents according to their access privileges.

Digital Vault Services helps you manage business information more effectively and at lower cost. It enhances business continuity since your records are stored at our data centers. It enforces security and privacy rules. And it dramatically eases response to e-discovery orders.