Anytime, anywhere, any-device access enables higher user satisfaction and effectiveness

By 2020, 50% of the workforce will be Millennials, who today already represent more than 21% of direct consumer discretionary purchases. This new, tech savvy generation expects to always be connected. They expect anytime, anywhere, any-device access to information. This new generation is a powerful catalyst forcing organizations to change. In order to keep your brand relevant and appealing you need to offer new platforms for your consumers and citizens, while at the same time attracting and retaining employees.

The key to your success are your people

Employees expect—at the very least—the same level of functionality at work that they enjoy outside their professional lives among family or friends. As a result, IT departments are struggling to keep pace with employee demands to make their professional interactions as seamless and productive as they are in their private lives across a multitude of devices. How are you empowering your workforce with suitable degrees of autonomy and flexibility to get their jobs done?


Mobility is the new interaction model

Being connected simply has become a way of life for anyone born in the new millennium and before as older generations have also picked up the mobile habits. Enterprise CIOs must take advantage of mobile technology to create a new user experience that is personalized and targeted to individual users’ needs. Fundamentally, this is a business challenge, not a technology one. To become an industry-leading, digitally enabled enterprise, you must think beyond the mobile device—to the New Style of Business—and the convergence of social media platforms, mobile platforms, cloud-enabled services, and actionable insight from big data analytics.


Advise, Transform, Manage

HP has expertise in enterprise transformations. We will take you from where you are today including how you interact with your customers, citizens, employees, and partners to enhance engagement and drive employee productivity. Having an enterprise partner like HP simplifies the complexity of your environment and drives business results.

We measure our success based on yours.

More details about HP Mobility and Workplace Solutions below.

Mobile Enterprise Services

Mobile Enterprise Services deliver innovative mobility solutions that enhance the way you engage your customers and drive productivity improvements for your employees with secure managed mobility services and solutions.

Software Licensing and Management Services

Software Licensing and Management Services assist you in getting the most from your software investments by facilitating cost-effective software acquisition, giving you better control of software throughout your organization, and helping you comply with vendor licensing requirements.

Unified Communications and Collaboration Services

Unified Communications and Collaboration provides a new way of working that accelerates business processes and decision-making by enabling immediate access to people, data, and applications anytime, anywhere, on most any device; these services integrate email, file sharing, instant messaging/presence, voice/video, collaboration, and social media together with PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Workplace Management and Support Services

Workplace Management and Support Services enhance your users’ IT experience and transform your workplace with a full lifecycle suite of services aligned to your business and IT needs that give you flexibility to design an IT solution for your unique needs.

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