Transforming your email into a messaging powerhouse

Email is here to stay. It is a universal, adaptable and powerful tool that creates business opportunities 24 hours a day. But it is also inefficient, cumbersome and in serious need of an overhaul. And that is only from the user’s perspective. On the IT side of things, email is also a malware magnet, a drain on resources and a governance headache. HP can help.

HP Messaging Services, based upon Microsoft Exchange, are an end-to-end solution for managing enterprise email. We can consolidate and optimize your messaging environment and manage them with the highest level of effectiveness. It's an efficient alternative to building, staffing, and administering your own messaging infrastructure.

Email has to be up and running, it’s a mission critical application for your business. But your internal IT staff faces a constant battle created by integrating different email systems and transforming into a collaborative organization, based upon real-time and real-world tools such as chat, conferencing (voice and video) and mobile services.

The good news, your staff doesn't have to reinvent processes that our experts already provide. HP Messaging Services, delivered as a fully managed hosting or HP Helion solution, increases productivity and improves customer service with less demand on your own personnel. We can guarantee availability and reduce your capital costs by letting you use our expertise and infrastructure. We can also add flexibility and customization all within a highly secure, highly available computing environment.