Analyze and act on Big Data

At HP, we believe the power of insight comes from an intelligent, end-to end approach to Big Data and information. We provide the right engagement, the right environment, and the right management to analyze and understand your information and how to act on it.

HP Analytics and Data Management Services (A&DM) align the right people, processes and technology to create the right analytics and data management strategy for you. Let our consultants provide the advice and support you need to transform, manage, and deliver your Big Data initiative and start unlocking your valuable business opportunities today.

  • Evaluate and align investments with business objectives
  • Explore Big Data technologies and tools
  • Extract value and act on insight from relevant data
  • Enable the delivery and management of the information ecosystem

Maximize the power of your Big Data

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Your most important business asset is your information. Yet, it’s a daunting task to expertly analyze it. It’s time to accelerate and exploit the value of your big data with a faster return on investment (ROI).

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Information Advisory Services

Pave your path to innovation with Big Data and information intelligence workshops, assessments and discovery environments.

Information Management Services

Simplify sharing, increase accuracy and improve consistency when managing data across your information ecosystem.

Actionable Analytics Services

Unlock insight hidden in your data through direct delivery of advanced analytics.

Information Governance Services

Govern your information as a strategic asset in accordance with business, regulatory and data management objectives.

Enabling Information Technology Services

End-to-end Integration and implementation of your solutions leveraging leading software.


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