Opportunities for improvement

Transformation Services - CEM

HP Customer Engagement Management Services – Transformation help you deliver great customer experiences across every channel to enhance competitive advantage. With this service, HP assesses quality and effectiveness, and provides opportunities for improvement within and across your contact centers and operations. We understand the operational issues you face and can help uncover ones you haven’t yet realized to provide you the right strategies for success.

HP Customer Engagement Management Services – Transformation reduce your customer service costs while providing the strategies to provide an enhanced customer experience. By using this service, you can:

  • Increase revenue through improved conversion rates, completion success rates, up-sell percentages, cancel/save percentages, and revenue per transaction
  • Increase customer satisfaction through better customer effort index (scores), net promoter scores, and top-box customer satisfaction scores
  • Optimize operating efficiency and effectiveness through increased agent use, lower attrition, percent of calls handled by top-tier agents, IVR and web completion percentages, critical accuracy rates, and first-contact resolution and decreased handle times
  • Decrease operating costs, including cost per call/contact, per pertinent business transaction—resolution, per case, and cost of disparate or end-of-life technologies
  • Reduce errors and noncompliance rates with improved quality management and reduced instances of noncompliance with corporate policies, industry mandates, or government regulations

Features that enable success

HP Customer Engagement Management Services – Transformation provide a variety of features, implemented in tandem with you:

  • Site assessments —We assess your current operations in more than 10 core functional areas consisting of more than 45 components and more than 600 specific traits. We identify improvement opportunities, align to industry best-practice standards (including COPC, ITIL and Six Sigma), and tie it all to the future-state vision with ROI and benefit clearly defined.
  • Process mapping and design—HP-defined business process changes allow you to identify value opportunities and close the gap between your current state and desired future state.
  • Optimization roadmap—The roadmap to achieve your desired business outcomes and future state vision becomes clear with the executive summary of findings and solution blueprint we provide.
  • Mentoring and support—Successful new process adoption is aided by HP’s post-business review and support. Our “How Do We Implement …” workshops enable us to work with your local team to tailor and integrate the optimization plan to meet your resource, time, and budget constraints. We define the Long Term Sustainability Plan (LTSP), including KPIs and accountability checkpoints to measure success.

Our “How Do We Correct…” library of best practices improves the speed and precision of the contact center design solution.

Our “How Do We Implement…” workshops shorten learning and implementation timeframes and improve the certainty of success while building the internal momentum and ownership for the transformation changes.