HP Datacenter Care

HP Datacenter Care has been available for just over two years, and market acceptance has been impressive. Thousands of customers have adopted Datacenter Care because of its personalized nature and because of the flexibility to tailor support to help deliver the outcomes that you need.

HP Datacenter Care brings a relationship-based approach to the support and management of heterogeneous data centers that enables you to get the most out of your IT environment and guides you to a more agile style of IT, bringing you increased IT stability, accountability and agility. And we are investing in an even better experience as you get connected to HP.

With the new Datacenter Care Operational Support Services (OSS), you can you can leverage the tools, people, and processes of the HP Operation Center to monitor and operate your infrastructure.

Now you can think of your infrastructure as code and get holistic support, when you need it. HP Datacenter Care – Infrastructure Automation (DC-IA) brings the advice, support and tools to help continuously deliver applications and services. With DC-IA, accelerate time-to-value, deliver a quality customer experience, and expand your capacity to innovate.  

Datacenter Care for Multivendor

One accountable partner to support the dozens of vendors you deal with in your data center locations.

Datacenter Care Flexible Capacity

Provision capacity onsite ahead of demand, and pay just for what you use.

Datacenter Care for Service Providers

Whether you are a service provider or a high performance computing customer, support your datacenters with tailored, cost-effective services for your IT environment, to help you drive operational excellence. And use HP Flexible Capacity to align cash flows, improve time to market, and reduce your risk.

Datacenter Care for Cloud

As part of HP Helion Professional Services, Datacenter Care for Cloud is the support offering that meets you wherever you are on your journey to the Cloud, to help you implement, operate and evolve your hybrid delivery environment.


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