HP Data Center Protection Services

Far too often, security is an afterthought or excluded from overall data center planning initiatives. Exclusion results in operational inefficiencies, compliance issues, new threats and loss of critical data. The introduction of big data, adoption of cloud computing, and mobility expansion—all requiring a proactive approach to protecting information and assets—furthers complexity.

HP Data Center Protection Services address each of these problems and more through:

  • Optimizing current state IT security and continuity operations and practices
  • Preparing you for the future changes and requirements in data center compliance controls and governance practices
  • Applying the right level of logical and physical monitoring and management of data center protection practices to achieve effective operations

We understand how to properly protect your data center with these complexities in mind. We embed security into data center projects from the beginning—so it doesn’t become an afterthought.

Meet Data Center Protection Services expert Tari Schreider

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