Drive greater customer engagement

Maximize the full power of your media data to connect with your customers and drive new experiences, services, products and revenue opportunities. Apply expert approaches to real-time analytics to drive measurement and insights from numerous forms of media data. This allows you to increase customer satisfaction, spot trends and establish yourself as a leader in the new, dynamic social business frontier.

Harness the power of your data

Our Interactive Media Command Center (IMCC) solution is a business-first approach to harnessing social, digital, traditional and transactional data to help companies increase customer engagement.

  • Gather structured and unstructured data from inside and outside the enterprise (social, print, video, audio, content and more)
  • Analyze across all media with advanced reporting and visualizations
  • Share insights with the right stakeholders to collaborate and take action
  • Engage and communicate with customers and media using their preferred channels

Take advantage of a holistic business and technology framework

Our unique IMCC solution provides a total business and technology framework, leveraging and consolidating a multi-vendor approach that blends into your current technology environment.

  • Automatically leverage all available unstructured data
  • Understand and share insights gleaned from the data with intuitive visualizations
  • Better understand your target market
  • Increase the monetization of your data and media assets
  • Protect your brand, and avoid and mitigate risk by responding in real-time
  • Enhance customer engagement – leading to growth and loyalty


NASCAR is revolutionizing fan and media engagement