Change the way you engage with customers

With your customers moving steadily towards a new world with mobility and web channels, your traditional paper-based engagements could prevent you from being connected during those crucial customer moments of truth.

HP’s digitization platform helps you to transform business processes and streamline customer experiences across multiple channels – including digital and traditional paper, anywhere and at any time.

Why ‘digitize’ with HP?

HP will provide you with more than just a technology platform. Our broad framework and strategy is flexible, customizable and will seamlessly integrate with your existing assets.

As your partner HP will:

  • Deliver a digital platform to meet the unique needs of large corporations and their complex paper and digital environments.
  • Provide a reusable enterprise asset to both simplify and enhance customer engagement and reduce spending.
  • Help you to create workflows that capitalize on customer moments of truth, improve customer experience, and transform business processes across the enterprise.

Giving you the modernization you require for the future!

Customer Communications Management Services

Help to reinforce your brand and increase revenue with personalized customer communications.

Digital Vault Services

Securely manage documents for distribution or archiving, making them accessible from any location at any time – regardless of where the paper documents reside.

Multi-channel Capture Services

Extract data, capture images and feed information back into your systems by using optical and intelligent character recognition.

Multi-channel Output Services

Deliver paper and electronic documents to your customers and stakeholders, match customer interests to products and services, and turn transactional documents into marketing vehicles. Electronic delivery creates potential for substantial savings in postage and paper costs.


Unravel the complexity of your customer communications