Proven solutions for embedded system challenges

If you develop and maintain software for embedded systems on OpenVMS platforms, we can provide you with proven support, methodology, tools and services to help meet your objectives. We provide support and maintenance for products on VAX and Alpha platforms and the newer OpenVMS for HPE Integrity server systems.

Platform migration

Legacy systems often involve a large investment in existing applications, resources and knowledge that should be maximized. In the event you need to migrate from earlier VAX/Alpha platforms to the currently supported OpenVMS platforms in order to prolong the life of your systems, we can help.

If you want to move to an Integrity Server platform or emulator environment we can provide new or transfer licenses to help accomplish your goals.

On completion of migration, we offer a support and maintenance package to ensure continued use, operation and compatibility into the future.


Programming support environment - PERSPECTIVE

Managing and controlling software project teams can be a challenge. We provide PERSPECTIVE, a programming support environment for PASCAL-based software systems that includes:

  • Specialist support for developing and maintaining real-time software for embedded microcomputer systems
  • Support for all software development process stages, from initial design to in-service maintenance
  • Methodology and tools that help resolve embedded system software development problems

Development toolset – XD Ada

We also offer XD Ada, a development toolset for the Motorola M68000 family and MIL-STD-1750A processors. The new XD Ada Version 4.0 on Alpha and Integrity Servers has the following features:

  • Licensing rationalization, which enables all processors and targets to be available under a common concurrent use license
  • Extended user control of code generation, by allowing the user to specify that the code should be the same as that produced by versions 1.2 onwards. This supports users who want to move to the new Integrity Server platform, or from VAX to the Alpha platform, but need to retain the same code generation as the XD Ada version they are currently using.
  • Documentation in HTML and PDF formats supplied on CD

Compiler - CORAL

CORAL provides a CORAL 66 compiler for the host while CORAL+ and CONTEXT provide cross- development environments for embedded systems.

Our CORAL compiler offers:

  • Development environments for real-time systems on embedded microcomputers
  • A fast, user-friendly host computer environment
  • The ability to test application software on actual target hardware

License options

You may buy new licenses or transfer from VAX/Alpha platforms to a new platform, prolonging the life of your systems.

We can issue new licenses and transfer licenses for VAX or Alpha emulator environments— for example, the Stromasys CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP emulators. These emulate a complete VAX or Alpha system on a Windows environment, allowing OpenVMS applications to run unmodified.


Industry sectors

We currently provide solutions for software development and maintenance for embedded systems on OpenVMS platforms to clients in these industry sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Software