HP Software Defined Networking (SDN) Services

Creating an agile network that can mirror the scale up/scale down capabilities of compute and store environments is nothing short of a necessity. Enablers such as software defined networking (SDN) can put customers on the path to get there.

The promise of software-defined networking (SDN) goes well beyond increased automation. Its true value is its ability to free IT to focus on the quality of business experience rather than network operations, unlocking innovation. Preparing today for this network of the future positions your organization to take full advantage of SDN as the underlying technology matures. HP SDN Services focus on a pragmatic approach to software defined networking.

SDN Strategy and Planning Services

HP SDN focused Network Transformation Experience Workshop facilitates the creation of an aligned vision of current and future state as well as building an initiative roadmap which identify quick wins and longer term actions for an SDN-enabled network transformation journey.

SDN Assessment Services

Defines current state and delta to SDN enablement while discovering where SDN can positively impact network services and applications.

SDN Roadmap Service

Develops a comprehensive plan for integrating SDN within your organization, including financial and other impacts across six domains: network, security, infrastructure, applications, people/process and governance/finance.

SDN Design Service

Creates a validated Virtual Application Network and SDN architecture design that includes required SDN product configuration and integration considerations for all selected SDN Applications and SDN controller integration needs mapped to the business requirements.

SDN Deployment & Integration Services

Assesses, designs and integrates HP FlexNetwork OpenFlow enabled devices, SDN controller and SDN Applications such as HP Network Optimizer and Network Protector.

SDN Education Services

Training and certification of IT staff and HP Networking channel partners to help them architect, integrate, and administer SDN solutions. In addition,management of change services focus on accelerating learning for maximizing success in successful operations in future state.

SDN Support Services

Provide the necessary support our clients need to evolve and operate network connectivity architectures aligned with business needs.

Meet the Expert

Connect with our HP technology experts like Yanick Pouffary to learn more about HP Software Defined Networking Services pragmatic approach to software defined networking.


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